Funny Cats In Baths

funny cats in baths

For this “Funny Cat Friday,” I thought to myself…. who can resist funny cats in baths?

Any time I have ever bathed one of our kitties, my amazement is at how much of their body mass seems to disappear when they become wet πŸ˜€ Magical Houdini’s I tell you!

funny cats in baths
You should not go to sleep tonight….
“Funny Cat Friday” 7/5/19

Even more charming are cats who love the water. Our Dizzy is that way. If you water the plants, turn on a faucet or Heaven forbid overfill her water fountain — she will be there so fast your head will spin!

Have you ever had (or currently have) a feline kiddo who comes running any time water is involved?

funny cats in baths
HALP! I gonna die here!

Now I would love to hear from each of you. Do you bathe your cats? Or do you value your life entirely too much to even attempt the cat in water trick?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Thanks, as always, for being loyal readers and social sharers here at Cat Care Solutions. I love you all! ❀

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funny cats in baths
I iz invizibles!
funny cats in baths

Have any funny cat bath time stories? Feel free to share in the comments section below πŸ™‚

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