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  • smartkat tunnel

    SmartyKat Crackle Chute Collapsible Tunnel Cat Toy


    One of Dizzy’s personal favorites!  She absolutely loves it.  We, as her parents, don’t always love her loving it at 1 AM because it does produce quite a bit of noise!  :)

    It’s a really fun toy though.  You are sure to make lots of great memories playing with your cat in this tunnel.  They can’t resist the crinkling noise and the ability to pretend ambush you on the other side!

    It’s an inexpensive toy that brings hours of great entertainment!

  • crinkle ball cat toys

    Original Mylar Crinkle Balls Cat Toys – 12 Pack

    These crinkle balls for cats are fun toys to play with!  We bought them for Dizzy awhile ago and every time you crunch them in your hands, her eyes are as big as saucers.  :D

    They are inexpensive, yet provide priceless entertainment!  Your kitty will not be able to resist the crackling & crunching sound.  These cat toys are extra shiny, only adding to the kitty appeal.