Frisco Lavender Multi-Cat Litter

In our home, we have found absolutely no litter that we love more than Frisco.

Are you tired of poorly performing cat litters?  Uncontrollable odors, either too tight of clumps or not clumping enough?  Tracking all over your home? Frisco just might be your answer!

One thing that impresses me over & over is the absence of litter dust! Is it completely dust free? No.  What it is however is a VERY low dust kitty litter.  Our Dizzy is a true stinker and it even performs well on odors.  I cannot highly recommend this litter enough!  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Oh – and Chewy customer service?  Top notch!  They always answer questions quickly and with care.  1 or 2 day shipping is impressive.

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