When Cats Talk…

when cats talk

Cats have a lot to say when they want to tell us something, don’t they? Around here, when cats talk, laughs tend to follow…

These kitties below have a whole lot to say!

Funny Cat Friday 7/19/19

Do you have a chatty cat? Or the strong, silent type? 🙂

Our Dizzy can be very chatty. She will often hold conversations with us, until she gets bored that is. I also had a cat named Punkers who sounded exactly like a police or ambulance siren when he was protesting something in his environment. There is a recording of him somewhere around here. He was a comical character!

(Please note: I never ever condone treating an animal poorly so it will behave in a way that is considered ‘entertainment’ for some. That behavior in my book is shameful and just plain wrong.)

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Looking forward to hearing your stories about any funny cat noises you’ve witnessed. It’s amazing what their vocal cords are capable of!

Have a truly wonderful weekend everyone 💙 Thank you for reading & sharing!

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  • Cats do talk and yes you better listen. They can be very chatty.

    I linked this post to Feline Friday.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Holly. ♥

  • We have chatty cats, whiny cats, silent cats, and grumpy cats that all have a lot or little to say. Then we have the bird that imitates the cats.

    • Haha! I love your comment! You have clearly learned the art of cat communication 😁 Thank you so much for coming by! I hope you will return.

  • Funny you should write about chatty cats. My cat Amber loves sleeping in the bathroom window, but I had to shut it the other day since we’re have crazy heat wave. She tried to get back in it and got mad! She followed me around for 15 minutes fussing about that! 🤣

    • 😂 Amber sounds like a charmer! Absolutely adorable story. She is outraged by the unfair treatment in HER own home! How dare you mama!

      The heat wave is happening here as well on the coast. 😪 It has been horrific. The humidity has driven the temperatures into the 110-115* range and it is oppressive beyond belief! The mountains definitely aren’t used to such extremes. I hope you & your family are staying safe? ♥

      • Haha! Whatever was I thinking? 😀

        Ugh..that’s terrible. We had storms come through today that really lowered the temps. I hope you guys stay safe! 🙂

  • That white cat in the video is hysterical! Laughing at the cute noises they’re making ~ and thinking of our Nemo who goes “meep” when we say his name. Love that he responds to his name 😀 Have a great week, Holly!

    • I adore that name – Nemo! So cute. And that “meep” noise when you say his name sounds like a heart melter! It’s amazing how charming they can be, isn’t it?

      Praying your week is filled with tons of love & joy my friend. ❤

  • Yes,cats do talk. When I was 4-5 years old,I used to play with two kittens.It used to be so much fun to listen their different funny noises and to understand their demands.Your videos are are so cute!!

  • Gizmo is a funny kitty – I think he is part Bengal so naturally he is chatty, but he tends to vocalise certain things and not others. For example, he squeaks when he comes home; as if announcing he is home and everyone can relax! And he also announces when he has thoughts of naughtiness?! Right before he jumps on top of the kitchen wall cabinets, he always tells us…giving us time to talk him out of it!! Kitties are such characters!! Great article! Leanne and Gizmo x

    • I LOVE that story of Gizmo’s chattiness. How adorable! The squeak to announce the arrival and all is well in the world has to make you smile every time you hear it 🙂

      It’s funny you mention that he lets you know he is about to do something bad before he does it. Dizzy does the exact same thing. Bill & I have always thought that to be hilarious. Just like Giz, we can usually talk her out of her naughtiness before she gets too deep into it 😛 Isn’t that funny? Kitties are *definitely* some serious characters and are endless entertainment. No doubt about it ♥

      Thank you so much for sharing this with me. You’ve made my day!

      • Oh, our kitties are wonderful aren’t they!! Sounds like Dizzy and Gizmo would get along!!

        Yes, the naughtiness announcement is usually when I lower the tone of my voice and say “Gizmo, no…” but the smirk on my face must undermine my authority, so Giz decides that he could do what he wanted to do, or he could come to me for cuddles… So that usually works for both of us!!

        My life would be a less happy place without Gizmo! Hope you have a great day! X

  • When we first got Teagan (her name was Smokey) and she would open her mouth and wail and keep going . . . she often would yawn in the middle but it just went on and on and on and on — one long ‘meow’. She doesn’t do that any more, but it was hilarious. She still meows as she runs down the stairs and that is funny. She always has a lot to say!

    • Aww! What a cutie Teagan sounds like! (love the name by the way) I was picturing in my mind perfectly what you were saying. So sweet.

      Does she make that bouncing meow as she runs down the stairs? I’ve always thought that was funny – the distinct sound their talking makes when they’re in motion. Sounds like she is filling you in on all the most important details of life.

      Thank you for sharing this story with me. I appreciate you ♥

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