Cat Carriers

I know, I know! Most cats aren’t real fond of travel. (Although I’ve had a few who were!)

These cat carriers will keep you and your kiddo feeling safe and secure.

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  • sleepypod

    Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed & Carrier

    This product is simply amazing!  Sleepypod mobile pet bed & carrier is an innovative product idea that solves so many cat parenting issues when it comes to traveling with your companion.

    Sleepypod works by bringing the familiar to your cat for travel.  If they’ve already “claimed” this bed as theirs, it will be far less traumatic for them to be carried away in it.  Your cat will be comforted which means far less stress for you.

    There are a few color options available.  Safety is top notch with this product, even if the zippers could be of higher quality.  I think you’ll be pleased at how much simpler this makes your life (and your cat’s life).