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The Cat Language Bible: Read & Reviewed

the cat language bible

The Cat Language Bible: Is It Hype or Helpful?

If you have been around cats or parented them, you know they are curious creatures! The Cat Language Bible™, written by Jonas Jurgella, seeks to demystify our felines helping us better know how to nurture, help and understand even the most subtle of behavioral clues.

Recently, when doing more research, I stumbled upon this e-book and thought it might be interesting for you guys, my treasured readers. ♥

In an attempt to find out if “The Cat Language Bible” was anything I could recommend, I went ahead and purchased a copy myself. The screenshots you will see in this post are from my own purchase, as proof that I downloaded it too. I never want to recommend something that isn’t worth having! Trust is important, wouldn’t you agree?

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