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About Us

Welcome to Cat Care Solutions: About Us. Thank you for stopping by to learn more about this slightly crazy cat lady!

How It All Began

For the love of cats.

That simple sentence above is how Cat Care Solutions began. I’ve spent almost 40 years of my life with a cat as a constant companion.

Currently, our resident “bad girl” is named Dizzy. She’s another rescue that someone tossed out of a moving vehicle as a barely weened kitten. We took her in but she has taught us some patience!

Her rough start in life has given her some pretty severe anxiety, understandably so. Her mood can go from bubbly to bully pretty quick. Trying to find ways to help her only fueled the idea for this website.

Meet “Miss Dizzy”

pawscoo cat tree

Cats give us the unique opportunity of never learning all there is to know about them and their sometimes oddball behavior. They keep us laughing and on our toes!

Some of the cats I’ve had the pleasure of parenting really touched my life in a special way, as I’m sure you can say the same. One of my babies in particular, named Shug, (short for Sugar) taught me that you can never underestimate the love and intelligence cats offer.

Over these last few decades, I’ve learned a ton about cats and their behavior. At times, they can make you want to throw your hands up in frustration. Other times you can’t believe how charming they are!

It’s all a part of being a cat parent. The beauty though is the joy they can bring into our lives. I love cats and know you do too.

There are so many common cat problems that often have a simple solution. We humans are complex too, so there is no such thing as a one-size fits all fix.

My goal here at Cat Care Solutions is to present you with all sorts of helpful tips, tricks and product recommendations that have worked for me and countless others. I’ve done my homework, walked the walk and want to bring you the best of the best.

Welcome, I’m glad you’re here. A world where our cats are happy is a world full of laughs and endless entertainment. Lets enjoy our feline friends together as we explore the world as cats know it. We are just privileged to live here 🙂

From one cat parent to another…thanks for being here.

~ Holly, Bill & Dizzy


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