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PawZaar Gives Back


We live in a world today where there is so much need. So much suffering. It’s nothing short of heartbreaking. Admittedly, there are times when we are helpless to change the situation. But there are also times when we can give back and do something to help. PawZaar is a company doing just that!

In several places on my site or shop, you may see banners featuring PawZaar or one of their products. I wanted to do more than that because I believe in what they sell and most importantly, who they support!

These sweet babies have all been sponsored because of support from people like you and I! ❤

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Funny Cat Friday

Funny Cats In Baths

funny cats in baths

For this “Funny Cat Friday,” I thought to myself…. who can resist funny cats in baths?

Any time I have ever bathed one of our kitties, my amazement is at how much of their body mass seems to disappear when they become wet 😀 Magical Houdini’s I tell you!

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Funny Cat Friday

Neighborhood Watch Cat

Neighborhood Watch Cat 2

Neighborhood Watch Cat Sees Everything You Do!

Cats like knowing your business. Allll of your business and as many other people’s business as possible!

neighborhood watch cat
© Funny Cat Friday 06/28/19

Our Dizzy comes in and tells us everything she knows! We have laughed many times at how much of a gossip she is. Despite our best efforts to teach her this is not appropriate behavior, her quests to be naughtily nosy continue on! Appropriate doesn’t appear to be in her vocabulary. 😐

One of her absolute favorite places in our home is the bay window. Much excitement in her world occurs here.

Birds flying by, lizards walking along the brick ledge, squirrels doing their best acrobatic tricks and the humans doing whatever they do. But most especially, those hellion stray cats that have no business in her yard! You’ll be hard pressed to find a more dedicated neighborhood watch cat than our Dizzy!

Is your cat a neighborhood watch cat? I’d love to hear your stories and laugh along with you.


Funny Pet Memes To Make Your Day

funny pet memes

Got The Blues? Funny Pet Memes To The Rescue!

We all have them unfortunately. Those days where we just feel blah. Those days when we just aren’t accomplishing much of what we set out to do and need a pick me up. Well guess what? I care about you here at Cat Care Solutions so you’re in luck! ❤ Here are some of the best funny pet memes to brighten your day & make you laugh!

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Cat Facts

How Smart Are Cats, Exactly?

how smart are cats

Have you ever just stopped and looked into the inquisitive eyes of your furry kiddo? Do you ever wonder to yourself, “Just how smart are cats, really?”

Their antics perplex us, entertain us and well…. sometimes, infuriate us! Much like a child, our cats have their own unique form of intelligence and reasoning capabilities – albeit a bit on the impulsive side!

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.” 

– Charles Dickens
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Nature Lovers

Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains 4

The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, there’s nothing like them! You are guaranteed to find some peace of mind (and body) here.

If you happened to read my award acceptance post, you’ll know that the mountains of Va are where I most love to be and consider home. Something about the mountains, for me personally, refreshes the soul like nothing else can.

The much simpler, slower, quieter pace of life, it’s incredible. Seeing and hearing nature at its finest and most undisturbed, serene natural habitat, what’s better?

My husband and I are here taking a much needed break for some R&R. You may not be hearing much from me for a little while as a result. ☺

I love sharing with y’all so I wanted to send you some photos from here. I hope you will enjoy!

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Funny Cat Friday

Dog? Nope!

funny cat friday
reserved for the dog
“Funny Cat Friday” for 4/26/19 ©

Is a picture worth a thousand words? I’m thinking much more in this case 😀

Does your cat (or cats) run your household? Do you have a dog or other animal that’s afraid of the the feline terror?

This kitty clearly knows who’s in charge!

One thing I find hopelessly hilarious about cats is they have no shame. They aren’t afraid to demand their way, show you who is in control or do pretty much anything they please! 😛

What about you? What do you find to be the funniest quality in cats? What does yours do that makes you laugh every time?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Cat Care Reviews

The Cat Language Bible: Read & Reviewed

the cat language bible

The Cat Language Bible: Is It Hype or Helpful?

If you have been around cats or parented them, you know they are curious creatures! The Cat Language Bible™, written by Jonas Jurgella, seeks to demystify our felines helping us better know how to nurture, help and understand even the most subtle of behavioral clues.

Recently, when doing more research, I stumbled upon this e-book and thought it might be interesting for you guys, my treasured readers. ♥

In an attempt to find out if “The Cat Language Bible” was anything I could recommend, I went ahead and purchased a copy myself. The screenshots you will see in this post are from my own purchase, as proof that I downloaded it too. I never want to recommend something that isn’t worth having! Trust is important, wouldn’t you agree?

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