Cat Trees

We all know that our cats love to climb up to get an elevated view of their world. They feel safe and comfortable.

Cat trees provide them the opportunity to safely climb furniture without it being a place they’re not allowed to be!

These cat trees are of the best quality and durable so you don’t waste your money on junk!

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  • feandrea cat tree

    Feandrea Cat Tree with Feeding Bowl – 68.5″

    Rated at almost 5 stars on Amazon for a reason, this cat tree is sure to be a hit in your home.  It is soft, durable, and well constructed for long-time use.

    Cats who enjoy being higher up or who suffer from anxiety will appreciate the detachable cat bowl near the top of this cat tree.  Cats and cat parents alike will appreciate the function and fun this tree provides.

    Feandrea created a winner with this one! So many details were carefully constructed and well thought out to provide your kiddo the perfect place to relax.



  • cat tree

    Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

    A well-loved 62″ cat tree from Go Pet Club will give your kitty a spot to go where they can play, relax and recline!  Best of all, it is safe and sturdy.

    Faux fur covering on the different levels make for a soft landing spot for your feline.  I think they will be well pleased with your gift to them as they lounge about on this one :)