IPETTIE Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

This is such an amazing choice in water fountains for your cat.  Ceramic stays cleaner for longer and is extremely durable.

The design of the water spout creates a gentle sound that is irresistible to your kiddo.  🙂

Highly filtered water that tastes great to your kitty and ease of cleaning for you — it’s a perfect win-win.  A 3 year warranty ensures that your money is well-spent.

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Direct From The Manufacturer:

  • Healthy Material & Design–Tritone pet water fountain is made of high-quality natural ceramic, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Triple free-falling design streams add oxygen in fresh water and attract your pets to drink more.
  • Dual Filtration (Mechanical + Chemical) System–Mechanical filtration is consisted with a foam filter surrounds the pump which prevents pets’ hair and other debris from entering the pump. Chemical filtration with carbon and charcoal helps to remove bad odors and tastes.
  • Whisper-quiet Operation–The CE certificated IP68 waterproof pump runs with 2W low consumption. The noise you may hear is the water dripping through the strainer into the reservoir.
  • Large Capacity–With 2.1L/71oz capacity, it’s enough for a cat to drink 2 weeks or above. Perfect for short trip lovers, you will be free from oblivious and frequent water replenishment and no need to worry about water shortage of your pets!
  • Ease of Using & Cleaning–Just a few removable parts which are easy to assemble. You can have a quick start, add water plugin that’s it. All parts can be washed (oh dear except the plug).