Our Cat Care Must-Haves

As a cat mom, I feel joy seeing these cuties enjoy something we got for their happiness. As a cat blogger, I feel happiness when I get to share it with all of you! You’re like an extended family to me.

That’s why I created this Resources + Cat Care Must Haves page. These are all items or places we use often, even daily for some.

Some of these are affiliate links, but don’t worry, you don’t pay a penny extra. Your purchase through my links is an easy way to say thank you for the content here at Cat Care Solutions and to help pay blog expenses. 😊 Thank you for your support!


We love Chewy! For a couple years now we have been taking advantage of their autoship savings program for cat litter and food. It’s a savings of a few dollars per item per shipment but that adds up! It’s also extremely convenient because you tell them how often you want the items shipped. Within a day or two, it arrives at your doorstep! Customer service is great too.

We’ve been using their Frisco cat litter (exclusively sold at Chewy) for at least 2 years now and highly recommend it for value and price. They also run some pretty great sales too!


Subscription boxes seem to be having their moment of fame and it’s for good reason. They make the perfect inexpensive gift and introduce us to all kinds of goodies we never would have known about. But what about our cats? Meowbox is the answer.

They donate a can of food to a shelter cat in need with every purchase and they have brag-worthy goodies in every box.

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