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How To Stop A Cat From Scratching Furniture

*gasp!* Noooo! You look over across the room and your oh so precious kitty is shredding one of your favorite pieces of furniture to bits! You nearly want to cry! Or scream. Or do bad things to ... READ the POST

Best Cat Drinking Fountains

Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best Cat Drinking Fountains For Your Thirsty Kitty Is your cat drinking enough water for optimal health? Do you have a finicky drinker in your home? Does your ... READ the POST

Baaaad Kitty!

Here is your "Funny Cat Friday" photo for 2/8/19 :) I hope you enjoy! ... READ the POST

How To Calm Cat Anxiety

Safe & Natural Methods to Calm Cat Anxiety   Cats, just like us humans, can suffer from some pretty severe anxiety. It is no less debilitating for them than it is for us, ... READ the POST

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