CatSizor Review: How To Trim Cat Nails Quickly and Easily

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Trimming your pet’s nails. It’s one of those cat or dog care requirements that strikes terror in the heart of many pawrents. Today, I’ve got great news for you!

This CatSizor review will show you how to trim cat nails with less stress for you and your feline! Who doesn’t need that?

My hope is that by the end of this post, I will have answered any of your questions, and helped you decide whether a grinder is the right fit for your needs. If you still have questions, please ask & I’ll be glad to help!

catsizor review

Disclosure: I was graciously gifted the CatSizor in exchange for an honest, thorough, and helpful review of their product. All opinions are my own, truthful, and sincere. Your trust matters to me! Thank you for reading.

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Do cat nail grinders really work?

The very short answer is yes! Pet pawrents everywhere are learning how to trim cat nails at home by choosing the grinding method instead. These devices work by a ‘grinding head’ that rotates at a very high rate of speed. (Think high-tech sandpaper!) The result of touching your cat’s nail to the grinder head in very short bursts are softer, rounder-edged claws!

If your cats are anything like ours, they are not fans of the snapping or clicking sounds traditional nail clippers make. All but one of my cats always reacted as if they were going to die! (sigh) Always with the theatrics…

The CatSizor grinder instead has a constant sound. What this means for your kitty is that they can become comfortable with the sound before you ever use it on them. Our felines aren’t big fans of surprise parties, ya know! 🙀

Here’s a sound clip I recorded for you of the CatSizor in low and high mode.

CatSizor hum when powered on but not touching nail

Here’s another sound clip of the CatSizor grinder when grinding a nail.

Grinding a nail in short bursts with CatSizor

CatSizor boasts one of the most quiet units available. Since cats are incredibly sensitive to sound, this is a BIG help.

Photo by Bill Stephan on Unsplash

How To Trim Cat Nails with CatSizor Grinder

One of the things I love most about the CatSizor brand is they are cat lovers first! More than anything, they sought to create a device that was safe and effective. It is important to note however that there are still risks with grinding.

I highly recommend you read “How To Use A CatSizor Nail Grinder,” by the CatSizor team before using their product for the first time. They’ve carefully thought out how to keep you and your cat safe during the whole learning process.

They do also send a very helpful instructional booklet along with each purchase. My impression was that they genuinely love cats and want your experience to be a great one, from start to finish.

Dizzy reading CatSizor instructions! And yes, that is a bird seed bag she’s lying on! 😀

So, how was our experience?

Our Dizzy is very much the skeptical type. She is not really a fan of anything new – especially when she is certain that it’s a threat to her life! 🤣 (Yes, she is a big baby!)

We left the CatSizor next to her, let her sniff it, paw at it, and do whatever it was she needed to do to confirm its safety. Cat daddy Bill jokes that everything must be verified as a non-cat killer!

Eventually, we turned the grinder on (with the safety cap still on) and allowed her to get used to the noise and vibration. Once we realized she no longer seemed to mind the noise, we took the safety cap off. From there, she was okay with it touching her paw.

The key is to take it slow and steady. Some cats will be more receptive of it than others. Just give it time!

catsizor review: how to trim cat nails easier and quicker

CatSizor Review: Here’s Why You’ll Love It!

With all of that being said, there are a few reasons I wanted to highlight in this CatSizor review for why I believe you will come to love and enjoy their nail grinder.

1 – Ease and safety of operation

If you have a willing four-legged participant, you are well past the hardest part! Honestly, it doesn’t get much simpler than this little device! There is a ‘guard’ or safety cap with a small opening for your cat’s nail.

You no longer have to fear accidentally clipping past the nail quick where the blood vessels and nerves are. Yes, it is possible to grind too far into the nail, but when following directions, this should not be an issue. As a cat parent, it’s a good feeling to know you are taking care of your cat’s health without creating unnecessary stress for you or your cat!

2 – Effective and Painless

If you have a kitty drama Queen or King in your home, they may disagree with this statement, but I promise, CatSizor doesn’t hurt a bit! Yes, we even tried this little gadget out on our own nails and it worked like a charm!

What this company says is true; there is very little vibration and the grinder quickly, painlessly, and effortlessly glides through the nail without splitting. All it takes is short bursts in contact with the nail for effective trimming. You really don’t even need to apply pressure!

3 – You will save money

If you’ve ever taken your cat to the Vet or to a groomer, you know first-hand how quickly these costs add up! On average, for only a nail trim, you can expect to spend $20 at a groomer with Veterinarian offices often charging more!

With the CatSizor grinder, you only need to buy the device one time. For as little as $39.95, you can learn how to trim cat nails at home, and turn it into a bonding experience for you and your feline. (Treats & affection help with this!) 😉

Best of all? CatSizor often has amazing sales and bundle deals going on. If you are interested, click here to see what kind of deals they’re offering right now!

4 – 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I have a confession to make. When I am dealing with a company that I may not have heard of, I look to see if they offer any kind of guarantee. Do you do this too? To me, I think it’s important. If a company is willing to stand behind their product so much that they offer a money-back, satisfaction guaranteed promise – they must really believe in it, right?

CatSizor has done just that. Try their product out. If you don’t love it or it doesn’t seem to work for you and your cat’s needs, reach out to them! They’ll be there to help you.

5 – Well thought-out design

I mentioned earlier about the ease and safety the CatSizor grinder offers. Another point I’d like to make is about the well thought-out design. I’m not sure exactly how much the CatSizor weighs but it feels just right in your hand. It’s heavy enough to feel well-made but light enough to feel comfortable the entire time you are trimming your cat’s nails. The power button is also out of the way so you probably won’t accidentally shut off the device while grinding!

There are 2 speed settings: high and low. I found this to be extremely helpful for learning how to use the grinder. Start out on the low setting, get comfortable with how it works, and you’ll find yourself much more relaxed when using the higher setting.

The best feature, in my opinion? It has a fairly bright LED light to help guide your hand so you can see clearly where you are on the nail and how far you’ve already grinded down. Brilliant!

catsizor review: LED lights on CatSizor

6 – Holds charge and charges quickly by USB

No batteries required! It takes only 1 hour to charge the CatSizor, but one charge can last up to 3 hours! We have really been impressed with the longevity of this battery! Honestly, it’s just one less thing to remember in a world where we have entirely too much to remember as it is, right? Chances are, this small but mighty grinder will be ready to go whenever you need it!

how to trim cat nails easier with the catsizor grinder

The only potential issue I see at the moment with this product is whether or not your cat will accept it. If your cat is okay with you touching their paw and holding it in your hand, you’ve got a great chance for success!

The younger you start working with kittens getting their nails clipped or trimmed, the better. It teaches them early on that there really is nothing to fear about the process. Adult cats can be taught that it’s safe, but sometimes, they take a bit more time to trust. If you’re willing to invest that, the CatSizor will likely work for you too!

Your cat’s nail health is important

Keeping our cat’s nails at a healthy length for them (and for us!) is one of the key pieces to the cat care puzzle.

Here are only a few of the reasons cat nail health is so important:

  • Shorter claws equal less damage to your furniture and other belongings
  • Overgrown claws for kitties can cause ingrown nails. In some cases, surgical intervention may even be required!
  • Trimmed nails can lessen your risk of developing Cat-scratch disease (CSD) by causing less damage to your skin
  • You won’t say “Ow!” every time your favorite feline is pawing at you lovingly or ‘making bread’ in your lap!
  • Cat claws that are too long feel like shoes on us that are way too small. Ouch!
  • Some cats may become extra clumsy when their nails are too long due to difficulty walking or jumping. This can lead to an increased risk of injury or pain.

That’s the beauty of the CatSizor grinder. It can help keep your cat healthy without all the extra hassle or Vet bills!

Click below to try it out for yourself!

try catsizor grinder today


I’d really love to hear from you in the comments below!

  • Have you tried CatSizor or are you thinking of trying it?
  • Do you struggle with trimming your cat’s claws? Or do you even find the need to?
  • Did I answer your questions? Or do you have any others for me?

If this review helped you, I’d genuinely appreciate you sharing it with your friends & family too! Thank you! ♥

Love & Healing Purrs,

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  1. I remember this horrible task back in the day. It wasn’t easy at all. What a wonderful invention.

    Have a fabulous day, Holly. Big hug. ♥

    1. 😃 Those memories are unforgettable, are they Sandee? You’re right, it can be a very horrible task. Not all kitties are the cooperative types, ha ha!

      Thank you so much for your support, my friend. Sending love and big hugs your way! ♥️

  2. Nawww I just can’t get over how beautiful this little one is, and that amazing black/white colouring on that teeny little cutie-pie face!  ♥

    I would so love Virgil to be an indoor cat so I can cut his nails. I’m worried about doing it though as he might need them when he’s outside, though he’s gotten himself into far less scraps these days. Must be getting too old for the punch ups with the neighbourhood moggies. I hadn’t realised you could actually get something that could round out the nails though like a nail file – that would be so, so useful! I honestly had no idea such a thing existed.

    You’ve made a really good point with the sounds so a kittykat can get accustomed first rather than freaked out. It’s much quieter and less ferocious than I’d imagined. And it’s always reassuring when you can verify it’s not a cat-killer! 😆 Dizzy looks remarkably chilled in that photo of her lying down with the Catsizor on her paw. Just kickin’ back getting her hooman slave to do her nails for her in the salon!

    I’m super curious about this now because I like that it’s not actually cutting off chunks of nails, so you can do a little or a lot depending on what the cat needs or wants (shame it doesn’t paint their nails too, eh?). You’ve done a fantastico job with your review, Holly!

    Caz xx

    1. You would absolutely love Pips (the little tux)! I wish you could meet her. She is hilarious. It looks like she might be staying with us instead of being adopted out. Her brother from another mother (a tux too) named “Tucker” might be joining her. (sigh) It’s hard when you see people abusing or abandoning animals, isn’t it?

      I am glad to hear that Virgil isn’t getting into as many scuffles these days. 😀 Was he the resident bad boy before or just ready to defend his territory if need be? Haha! (You made me laugh, by the way. You usually do!)

      The CatSizor really is useful. It’s a brilliant invention really. You could probably still file Virgil’s claws, even with him going outside, especially if you just rounded off the tip a bit so it wasn’t as razor-sharp. I know you mentioned his claws being lethal before! 😉

      Doesn’t Dizzy look laid back? We thought the same! I was surprised how curious and accepting she was for something so foreign to her. That was, of course, after it was a verified non-cat-killer! You know, I hadn’t thought of it in the way you described but you nailed it! That’s her personality to a T. “Yes hooman, it is good for you to serve me now!” 🤣

      Yet again, you’ve made my day with your awesome comments, Caz. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I was concerned that this review didn’t come across very well (terribly self-critical) so I am grateful to read your words. Sending my love to you & Virgil. I hope your day is incredible! ♥

  3. This is a great review! I can’t believe how quiet it is! That’s so helpful because both of my cats are scared of anything new.
    Luckily Amber only uses her scratching post and so far has never scratched on furniture or the wall. Oatmeal, on the other hand, loves to scratch the trim beside the doors throughout the house. Which is a huge problem since we’re trying to fix it up to sell it. I’ve tried everything to get her to stop! Maybe this is the solution!
    I had to laugh because when I was listening to the clip of grinding the nail, Amber was sitting beside me staring at my computer with her eyes wide and her ears back! haha!! She’s always cracking me up!

    1. Aw, thank you Michelle! I was concerned that this review didn’t come across very well so your words of encouragement mean the world to me! 🙂

      I agree with you – it is surprising how quiet this little gadget is, even while grinding the nail. It’s gentle too so cats are much less likely to ‘jump back’ out of fear, etc.

      I laughed out loud when you said that Amber got all wide-eyed and ears back when you played the clip of the nail grinding. That is hilarious!! In my mind’s eye, I can see it perfectly! Amber sounds hilarious and I’m glad she brings you such comic relief. Animals are constant entertainment, aren’t they? We never know what they’re going to be up to!

      I am glad to hear that Amber doesn’t really mess with your household items and sticks to her own furniture. That’s always a blessing! I wonder why Oatmeal likes the trim so much? Hmm. Does she tend to scratch higher up? I’ve often found that when I see behaviors like this, adding a taller, vertical scratcher right next to where the cat is scratching most (in your case, the door trim) helps stop the unwanted scratches.

      I can honestly say that blunt cat claws do far less damage, if any at all. It probably would/could help to either grind or clip hers. I am curious about your response to the above thoughts though. 🙂 LIke you said, it is highly frustrating when kitties do destructive things, especially when you’re trying to repair, not demo! 😀

      Sending my love. Thank you again for all of your support. You have no idea how much I appreciate you, my friend! ♥

      1. Oatmeal does scratch up higher. Amber likes to be down low, but Oatmeal stretches out. I never thought about putting a taller scratcher next to the trim. Thank you for that tip! I’ll definitely try that! 🙂

      2. Ahh! You just might have found your answer. With kitties like Oatmeal, I’ve had good luck with scratchers that get hung on the wall like these: — You’d want to mount it around the same height as the spots in the trim she’s destroying, as well as right next to where she’s scratching, if possible. Occasionally I’ve also had good luck with the kind you hang on the doorknob too. Like these:

        Please let me know if you get the chance to try it out and if it helped. Based on your description, I think there’s a good chance this would work for her. 🙂

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