Funny Cat Friday: Bohemian Catsody

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funny cat friday: bohemian catsody

Hey, friend! How have you been? Welcome back to Funny Cat Friday. This week, it’s a brilliant cat themed parody on Freddie Mercury’s, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Although, admittedly, I am not a fan of the original, this one made me smile.

Shirley Șerban speaks the language of our favorite felines in her creation, “Bohemian Catsody.”

It was just too cute (and true!) not to share with you. Hope you enjoy!

Bohemian Catsody by Shirley Șerban

Have a restful weekend, everyone. Thank you for stopping by! ❤️

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Sharing Is Caring ♥ Thank You!


  1. This is what makes me glad some people have too much time & intelligence on their hands! 😂😂😂

    Absolutely amazing! You find the best stuff, Holly. Thank you for sharing – Will share this myself to pass the chuckles along.

    I hope you have a bright week ahead lovely xxxx

    PS. Pretty sure this song is going to stick now for the rest of the day. Meeeoooow.

    1. 😂 I couldn’t agree more with you, Caz! As always, you made me laugh!

      I figured many people would find this song to be annoying, or even offensive. But I knew some people would get a chuckle out of it. 😁 I’m glad you were one of them.

      I’ve been thinking of you and hope that you and your family are well. Promise I’m telling the truth when I say that I haven’t forgotten about your blog! I’ve been online very little since there have been many offline challenges to navigate!

      Sending much love your way and hopes that your week has been amazing. ❤️ I’ll be heading your way soon!

      1. I’ve been so overwhelmed with so much to do so I get it, Holly. The thing is, it’s easier to give the advice than take it yourself – focus on what you need to do, don’t worry about other blogs, but please make some time for yourself and to rest. I really, really hope things are okay.. Always here if you ever want to chat. Sending lots of love and best wishes. xxxxx

      2. You are absolutely amazing, Caz. Thank you so much for being your awesome self. So much love for you. ♥️ I echo those same words back to you. Please, go easy on yourself!

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