Funny Cat New Year’s Resolutions in 2023 from our Purrfect Companions

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I couldn’t resist, y’all! At a time of year when so many people are setting goals for the year ahead, I wondered, “What about our cats? What would they be planning besides the hard task of total world domination?” So, I decided to enlist the help of some good online friends to take a deeper look into the minds of our own felines for this Funny Cat Friday.

We hope you get a smile out of these humorous cat New Year’s resolutions! What do you think your furbaby is up to this year? We’d love to hear!

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Adam, Cookie, and Phantom

Adam’s new year’s resolution:

This year, I will face my fear of the stink and find a way to scatter the sand if poop is the plan. You see, I’m quite proud of my litter box handiwork but mama doesn’t think it’s so charming.

Cookie’s resolution:

Little birdy, little birdy, you tweet tweet tweet and you sure do look like a tasty treat! This year, I swear I’m gonna get ya!

Phantom’s resolution:

I might be a Wobbler but don’t let that fool ya, I am a mighty warrior. Adam might think he’s big and tough, but I’m getting ready to call his bluff!

🐾 These cutie’s mama, Kammie, is a dear friend of mine. Her heart is absolutely beautiful which is why it came as no surprise to me that these three are all rescues.

Phantom was adopted from a local shelter and has “Wobbly Cat Syndrome.” He is 100% living his best life, with more love than he can handle! His brother, Adam, was rescued from the same shelter and had ringworm so severely, Kammie had to wait to adopt him! Cookie was rescued from a gas station parking lot when she was just a kitten.

Not only is Kammie an amazing person and doting cat mom, but she is also a brilliantly talented artist and photographer.

If you are in Texas (or not) and want someone who is creative, thoughtful and knows how to make your story come alive through photos, you should contact her today! She also has prints you can order to hang in your own home! Go take a look… ⬇️

Where you can find Kammie & Her work


Virgil’s New Year’s Resolutions

I plan to remind my mama who’s boss around here by pooping in the greenhouse more. Why? Because my toilet is currently in the garage and I don’t know why they think a sun-worshipping cat like myself would want to do my business in a cold garage! They do realize I’m the King and should be treated as such, right?!?

I’m also going to be doing a lot more self-care focus this year. We all know it’s all about me! As you can see in my photo above, mama got me this pawesome cat tree and it’s going to come in real handy for keeping my nails nice and sharp for my next victim. 😉 Only kidding — or am I?

Need more of this cuteness in your life? You can find Virgil’s cameo appearances on his mom’s Instagram page, @invisiblymeblog.

View this profile on Instagram

InvisiblyMe (@invisiblymeblog) • Instagram photos and videos

Virgil’s mom, Caz, is someone I consider a dear friend. She is easily one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. On her blog, Invisibly Me, she shares her journey with chronic illness and is always there to offer encouraging words or advice from her own experiences.

I’m grateful the blogosphere gave me the opportunity to ‘meet’ her. She’s as genuine as they come. Please be sure to stop by and say hi on her Instagram or blog. 😊 You’ll be glad you did!

Sassy & Milo

sassy and milo share cat new year's resolutions

Sassy’s new year’s resolutions:

This year, I’m trying to have a better attitude toward my brother and sister. C’mon, my name is Sassy, after all! 😂

I’m going to try and not swat at my brofur and sisfur when they run by me. It’s too hard to resist!

I guess I’m also going to work on not hissing at my brother Milo when he tries to eat at the same time as me too. It’s hard work keeping this physique and he’s such a pig. Plus, I’m clearly the Queen, so…. his problem, not mine!

….and … as if that’s not way too much work for one year, I keep hearing how being active is good for me so I guess I’ll have to be more playful too. Too bad swatting at my brofur and sisfur doesn’t count, right?!? I think they’re too sensitive. 😁

🐾 Now those are some big goals, @sassyqueenofplaneears!

Y’all, I love Sassy and I guarantee you will too. As her meowmy puts it, Sassy is a “Purrfessional bandana meowdel.” Almost every day she wears a new style, showing off her sassy face and classic airplane ears. Ah-dor-a-ble! If you need a smile, you’ll find one there!

Thank you Sassy, Milo, and mama for sharing your cuteness with all of us! ❤️

Follow all the highest fashion and latest cuteness overload below ⬇️

Itsy, Domino, Blue, Widget, and Sunshine


I love my Daddy. And he loves me very much, in fact, I’m his favorite. I know how much pleasure he gets from giving me treats when I’m hungry. I need to do a better job of reminding him to come upstairs and give me a treat when he gets distracted downstairs with stuff.


I love my Daddy. And he loves me very much, in fact, I’m his favorite. I know how much pleasure he gets from me having a fresh litter box for me and I need to do a better job of using it RIGHT after he cleans it.


I love my Daddy. And he loves me very much, in fact, I’m his favorite. I know how much pleasure he gets from spending time JUST with me and I need to do a better job of jumping over the fence and going across the street so he can come look for me so we can have quality time alone.


I love my Daddy. And he loves me very much, in fact, I’m his favorite. I know how much pleasure he gets from me having fresh water to drink from a glass. I need to do a better job of reminding him to fill it to the top by knocking the glass over.


I love my Daddy. And he loves me very much, in fact, I’m his favorite. I know how painful it is for him when I get too hungry. I need to do a better job of letting him know when I start to get hungry. ESPECIALLY very early in the morning!

🐾 Sounds like @cat_man_of_san_marcos has his hands full! 😊 If you haven’t already, go follow cat dad Chris on Instagram. He shares irresistibly adorable photos and videos of the cuties you see here along with Isis (a calico) and Clea (a gorgeous house panther!)

His love and appreciation for cats is beautiful, and his story is one of courage. It has been fun sharing our cats and their stories together. Thank you Chris for sharing your kiddos and their new year’s resolutions with us!

Don’t miss all the fun Texas adventures and faces that’ll make you melt! ⬇️

Pips, Muppet, Dizzy, and Rascal


Last year, I was a slacker because I only ate 4,890 pounds of canned food! This year I pledge to increase that by at least 10 times and get really really chonky! Oh, and extra lazy! Well, I guess I’ll learn a few new tricks too since that seems to always get me food! Being this cute, I can get away with anything, right? I’m the brains of this house, anyway! Don’t believe Muppet…


Ehhh, improvement? Who? I’m absolutely fabulous and if I get any more beautiful or perfect, it’ll be illegal! Should I work on being more humble this year? Naaahhh! If I’m going to work on anything, it’s taking longer naps. Purrfessor Muppet needs her beauty sleep. You don’t get this much beauty & brains by accident, ya know!

Well…actually, if I do have to make one resolution, it’s that I WILL finally catch one of those things on the walls my humans call “shadows.” They taunt me so!


I love my toy mice and I especially love hiding them under the refrigerator! Last year, my record was only 14 at one time. It’s so much fun watching mama knock them all out with a ruler — it’s like Christmas day for me! This year, I’m going for the gold; 50 meeces under the fridge! Wish me luck, furiends. Maybe send mom a longer stick? Oh, oh! I’m also going to perfect my sad-eyes face so my peeps keep giving me their food. They’re so easy to manipulate!


I really hate my siblings (most of the time); they annoy me with their youthful exuberance. I can’t help but hiss at them when they walk by, but this year, I will try to hate them less often. Also, I’m going to be the first one on the human’s bed every night so I don’t have to share or be knocked out by that disgusting brother of mine, Pips. He’s such a bed hog!

Around here, our cast of characters is always up to something! If you’re on Instagram and would like to stop by and say hi, give us a follow below ⬇️ 😊 We’d love to swap kitty stories!

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    Happy New Year, furiends!

    To each of you who like, lurk, comment, support us financially, and share — thank you!! I literally could not and would not be here without you. I share articles here because I enjoy this community with you, a bunch of crazy cat people!

    I also want to say a big heartfelt thank you to each of my online friends for sharing their own fun cat New Year’s resolutions with us. I’m thankful for you all!

    We hope you’ve enjoyed these resolutions, getting a glimpse into the true genius of our cat’s minds.

    What is your cat’s New Year’s resolution? Tell me in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear!

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    1. Hahah these are SO good! I love that Itsy, Domino, Blue, Widget & Sunshine all think they’re daddy’s favourite 😺 Yeah, our felines really don’t need to try harder to get our attention & score more treats. It’s like they’re naturally skilled at doing it from birth!
      You did brilliantly putting all of these together – thank you for your efforts because it’s impossible these can’t make everyone reading this smile. And I love the cute photos! xxxx

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