MeoWant Automatic Cat Litter Box In-Depth Review – A Safe Investment or Overpriced Junk?

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Is the MeoWant automatic cat litter box really all it’s cracked up to be? Or are self-cleaning litter boxes more trouble than they’re worth? Let’s discuss!

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Junk or litter box life-saver? Meowant automatic cat litter box review

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orange and white cat looking at their litter box while someone scoops it

As cat parents, we all know the struggle of keeping a litter box clean and our homes odor-free. It’s a full-time job, and I think it’s safe to say we can all admit that while we’re thankful our cats use a box, it’s not always fun being the designated ‘pooper scooper.’

I tried my first automatic self cleaning litter box back in the early 90s. The design and function were simple. Once the kitty finished their business and stepped out, a rake would comb through the litter and push waste into a bin at the front. Odor control wasn’t great and the rake was hard to get clean (gross!) but not having to scoop constantly after my 4 kitties was nice.

Once that box met its unfortunate demise during a cleaning episode (oops!), I never invested in another automatic cat litter box. Until now.

Meowant graciously reached out to me and asked if our gang of 5 would be willing to try out their smart litter box, write an in-depth review, and share it with all of you. I was excited because I love sharing new things with y’all and I know what an investment this is!

So, does this Meowant self cleaning cat litter box live up to expectations by actually making litter box duty a little less funky? Or is this product just another overpriced gadget that your cats will ignore and you’ll regret buying?

For the task of answering those burning questions, we’ve employed our crazy gang of 5; Dizzy, Pips, Muppet, Rascal, and Beanie! Since only Dizzy likes going outside, you can imagine how much traffic litter boxes around here get!

My hope is to offer honest insight into the pros and cons, solutions to possible problems, and be here to answer any questions you still have. (Please do reach out if I can help!)

As you can see below, our deep-thinker, “Purrfessor Muppet,” has already been hard at work gathering all the details for you! She’s clearly exhausted and deserves a pay raise.

Muppet investigating her new Meowant automatic cat litter box

Here’s what our crew thinks about the individual features and functions of this box.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5/5 stars. We have zero complaints here. I’ve been impressed with how little noise this machine makes. It’s rated at less than 40 dB during operation which is equal to a light rain or quiet whisper.

The most noise you’ll hear is a slight “thunk” sound when the drum spins and there is already waste in the bin. That waste comes up out of the bin during a clean cycle and then falls back into the bin with the newly sifted waste. You can hear this sound in the video I’ve shared below under “Safety,” and see what I’m describing in action.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
meowant automatic cat litter box safety features

5/5 stars. Some self-cleaning litter boxes are downright dangerous for your cat. They either lack safety features entirely or they don’t function as they should. That’s a cat parent’s worst nightmare!

I agree with One Man Five Cats who rates the Meowant/Airobo boxes among the safest. I’ve sat and watched the drum stop spinning when it detects the mischievous presence of our littles. A red light comes on the front panel indicating it has sensed movement and won’t spin the drum until movement has no longer been detected. You can see this at work in our videos as well.

As you can see, there is a few-second delay in the stopping of the drum once movement is detected. I’ve also noticed that when it does resume spinning, if our cats just stand still at the opening and watch it, the safety is not triggered. However, if they move at all, it will pause the drum again.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5/5 stars. Instructions were clear, assembly took maybe a few minutes, and we were up and running within 10 minutes. Everything functioned as it should.

First, I was pleased with the safety of Meowant’s packaging. There were cardboard ‘bumpers’ with styrofoam pads to help reduce shock and movement during shipping. It did keep our box safe and damage free, although I’m sure that’s not always the case due to rough handling!

They also used their included free honeycomb-style litter mat as additional cushioning. We already had a mat we preferred to use, but theirs is not cheap quality and works well. As another bonus, Meowant included 20 free waste bags for the bin.

Meowant automatic cat litter box unboxing for review
Meowant self cleaning litter box packaging for review
Meowant self cleaning cat litter box review

I also liked that the box itself clearly showed 6 easy steps to getting the initial setup done.

Meowant smart cat litter box
Meowant automatic cat litter box review unboxing

As the box suggests, you’ll find the power adapter and the 20 free waste bin liners inside of the waste bin itself. Pretty clever packing, Meowant!

For step two, “Lift out the bag with litter box,” some of you may want a little help. I didn’t find the drum to be too heavy or bulky but that may not be true of everyone.

The rest was extremely simple. You’ll know when the litter box drum is resting in the base properly because of how it sits. For the back cover, it has small pegs to align. You don’t have to use force; they also just slide right in. You’ll know it’s right when the cover sits mostly flush against the machine and you don’t see a big gap.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4/5 stars. We have noticed an improvement of odor in our home office since primarily using this box vs our traditional box. The design of the Meowant automatic cat litter box does help trap odors. Just keep in mind that you still need to empty the waste bin regularly and wipe down surrounding areas where waste residue collects on the plastic frame. Adding a little baking soda or a carbon filter to the waste bin helps too!

Otherwise, you will begin to notice the familiar “litter box smell.” Self-cleaning litter boxes are less maintenance but they do still require some to be at their best.

Also, even though this Meowant litter box is compatible with most types of litter, we think it matters what kind you use. Some litters stick more than others to the plastic which creates a sticky, stinky, nasty mess to clean up, and definitely creates odor.

We typically use Frisco litter in our standard boxes but have used Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal SLIDE in this one and have had no issues with litter waste smearing all over the frame and litter door. It also clumps perfectly and is raked out easily by the sifter.

You can add a little unscented Arm & Hammer baking soda to the litter for extra odor prevention as well. Or, try bamboo charcoal bags in the area to trap odors at the source. I shared our tips and favorites in the post about litter training.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Meowant automatic self cleaning litter box review
Meowant self cleaning litter box opening size for the review

4/5 stars. I haven’t had the opportunity to compare the size of Meowant to other manufacturers so I can’t speak to that at this time. However, I do not find that the Meowant automatic self cleaning cat litter box is bulky or an eye sore. It is currently located here in my small home office and it is not in the way at all.

For really large cats, the inside could be a very tight squeeze, though. Meowant’s box is roomier than most self cleaning boxes, but some cats may still find it too cramped. They also recommend a weight limit of 18 pounds.

Our biggest boy, Pips, is a big cowardly lion so he has not been brave enough to use this box, yet. 🙂 Once he does, I’ll be sure to update. He is a “vertical peer” so traditional “jumbo” hooded boxes may be a better fit for him anyway.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5/5 stars. The low-entry design is extremely helpful for cats with mobility issues. No steps are needed (unlike other automatic self-cleaning litter boxes) and there is a slight ‘lip’ on the base of this model, which helps if a little boost is needed.

As you can see in the dimension photos above under the heading “Box size and overall design,” it is 5 inches from the floor to the ‘lip’ of that base. It is only 6 1/2 inches from the floor to the entrance of the box.

Tip for litter kickers

Some of you might see the words “low entry design,” and immediately think of what a mess this could make with your litter slinging kitty! I hear you.

Thankfully (and surprisingly), we have actually had far less litter tracked and kicked with this box versus our regular boxes. If your cat is a litter slinger, DynamiteDesignLab sells these litter guards that help keep litter and waste inside the box where it belongs. They currently come in small, medium, large, or a bundle of all 3 for you to try. They do not damage your box and it has been used successfully by many cat parents.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5/5 stars. The self-cleaning function after your cat uses the bathroom is definitely 5/5 stars. It’s the whole reason we buy litter boxes that clean themselves, and this one works fantastic!

But, how easy is it to clean and sanitize the whole box? Surprisingly easy! Here’s how you do it:

Meowant automatic cat litter box review
  • Step 1: Use the app or front panel buttons on the Meowant litter box to select the “empty litter” option. This will dump all of the used/dirty litter into the waste bin. (Empty that before starting this process to prevent overflow!) Let the process finish.
  • Step 2: Open the waste bin door and empty the waste bin.
  • Step 3: Remove the back cover from the machine (very simple)
  • Step 4: Lift the whole drum off of the base. Most people will not find this too heavy to lift.
  • Step 5: Wash the drum and waste bin thoroughly with water and whatever disinfectant you prefer to use for your litter boxes.
  • Step 6: Thoroughly dry with a towel or let air dry completely
  • Step 7: Place the drum back on the base, reinsert the waste bin and back cover
  • Step 8: Add fresh litter and voila my friend, you’re done!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5/5 stars. In recent days, Meowant has worked hard on offering excellent customer service. There are two major things you should know before you choose them.

  • They offer a 30-day money back guarantee. I don’t know about you, but for me, this is a sigh of relief. As cat parents, we have no idea how our furbabies are going to respond to anything. Every personality is different. Buying an automatic litter box is a major investment and they know this. If for some reason you or your cat just aren’t happy, their free 30-day 100% risk free home trial is a God-send!
  • They offer a 1-year warranty. That’s real peace of mind. If you receive a lemon (hey, it happens with technology!), or if your Meowant self cleaning cat litter box fails before it should, they’re there to help and will replace your box no questions asked!

Meowant obviously stands behind its products and that means a lot to those of us who have been ripped off in the past by less-than-honest businesses.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

2.5 – 3/5 stars. In my humble opinion, the biggest flaws are with the AIRPET app. These are fixable problems, though, so I’m betting with time, these issues will be improved.

App Setup Tip: Use E-mail!

When you download the AIRPET app and start the initial set up, a confirmation code is required. Choose to have your code sent to an e-mail address instead of via text message to your mobile number. At the time of this review, most people were unable to authenticate using their phone. With e-mail, I (and others) received the code within minutes.

In multi-cat homes like ours, we’ve noticed incorrect reports for who just visited the box because their weights are similar. For example, let’s say you have 2 cats. One weighs 10.4 pounds and the other kitty’s weight ranges between 9.9-10.2. The app will mix these two cats up. At least ours has.

It’s not really reliable enough yet to do “health monitoring” of weight for this reason (unless you only have one cat), but you could use it to see how long each visit to the box is. That could alert you to conditions like a UTI or constipation, which is helpful.

Also, be very careful when matching your cat with a weight listed. I’ll explain using screenshots from my phone.

In the second photo, you’ll see at the top where it says, “Cat data,” and you see a plus sign. Clicking that takes you to a screen where you add your cat’s photo, name, gender, and spayed/neutered status. You can add up to 6 cats. It’s very simple.

In the first photo on the second line down, you’ll see where the box detected a visit but no cat has yet been assigned. Tapping “match your cat with the new weight,” opens a menu with the names of your cats who have been added into the app, as we just discussed. Be very careful to select the right cat during this step! There is currently no way to “edit” a cat/weight match.

In other words, if I accidentally assigned my cat Muppet to the 3.1lb visit and she is actually 10.4lbs, I’d have to delete Muppet’s data entirely and start again. Not the end of the world but it should be easier to edit a wrongly assigned cat.

Also, you will see false readings. We don’t have a 3.1lb cat 🙂 These are “curiosity trips” where someone is standing on the edge of the box watching it to see what the alien machine will do next! I get notified of these constantly, which is kind of comical.

You also need to know that the box and app only work with 2.4GHz WiFi connections. I’ve not had any issues yet with ours losing connection but other users have. This is mostly an issue if you’re away and still want to maintain control over the box or monitor your cat’s use of it and can’t because it has dropped connection.

Let’s be Facebook friends (I’m new!)

This is a big concern, I know! You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars only to find out that your cat won’t even go near the thing!

Meowant does offer a 30 day money back guarantee home-trial period for this very reason.

Out of our five, 3 are using this box regularly and exclusively now. Muppet and Dizzy definitely prefer this box because they have always been particular about how clean the litter box is. A freshly cleaned box after every use has made all the difference to them. In fact, we have noticed an impressive reduction in Dizzy’s anxiety since receiving and using this box!

Rascal and Pips have been a bit more reserved about trying it out, but are keeping a close eye on it. 😀 I think they will eventually transition to trusting it.

You may find this to be true in your home, or you may have the kind of cat who can’t wait to get in their new luxury litter box after a few sniffs like our girl Muppet!

In our experience, the answer is definitely yes! If you have cats who are extra picky about how clean their litter box is, this can be a God-send. I am also using far less litter than in our traditional boxes, which as you know, with the price of litter right now, that’s a lot of savings!

Scooping every single time your cats go to the bathroom just isn’t possible for most of us with our daily lives, either. The more cats you have, the more mess is made. Scooping becomes even more important, even with multiple boxes.

For this reason, you’ll love the multiple settings for the cleaning function within the app. You can set the auto-clean for 1 minute after your cat uses the box or you can use the “clean schedule” option which allows you to choose a set time each day for the clean cycle to run.

Here’s a screenshot below of how easy that is to change. 👇

All of those functions work flawlessly within the app and makes the process simple.

Honestly, we have really come to love this box like so many others have and think you would too. However, if I had to point out any disadvantages, it might be for large cats, possibly cleaning, and definitely upfront cost.

As mentioned previously, some larger cats may be too cramped which could lead to the butt out of the box opening (instead of inside the box) while taking care of business mishap!

Also, some people may find this more difficult to clean than traditional litter boxes if they’ve been using litter liners. On the other hand, many people will find this much easier compared to what they’re used to. A lot of former Litter Robot 3 users, for example, said Meowant is much easier to clean and lighter to handle (which it is)!

Cost is another consideration. Meowant costs hundreds less than Litter Robot and is a very strong competitor for quality. However, it’s still pricy and isn’t a purchase most people take lightly. Thankfully, Meowant does offer their 30-day money back guarantee, and… if you’re interested, I have a gift just for you!

ready to learn more?

(Don’t forget your coupon code during checkout!)

Although I recommend purchasing directly from Meowant for warranty and money savings benefits (with our coupon), this box can also be found for sale on 🛒 Amazon.

Limited time offer: Through 10/23, use coupon code HOLLYG09 on Amazon checkout using the Amazon link above for a 5% discount.

Meowant also offers pet water fountains, pet pools, grooming machine kits, and refill bags for the waste bin in this litter box. You can find their collections by clicking here. I’ve only personally tested their litter box, but their wireless cat water fountain is also very popular and rated well.

I’ve always been on the fence about whether or not automatic cat litter boxes were worth the expense. I’m kind of the frugal type and there has to be good reason for me to invest in major purchases, even for our cats that we love so much. (I’m more likely to spoil them before spoiling myself, to be honest!)

Meowant actually won me over, though. With multiple cats in our home, keeping the litter boxes clean was/is a chore that we couldn’t afford to miss. Now, when our days get extra hectic, we have one less worry on our minds; and our cats are still happy!

Plus, as I mentioned earlier in the review, it’s a very nice bonus that we have definitely seen Dizzy’s anxiety/aggressiveness decrease since she always has perfectly fresh litter to use and doesn’t have to “compete” for clean space that’s all hers in a box.

The MeoWant smart cat litter box is less expensive than others, tends to last longer without error codes and other electronic failures, has enough space inside for most cats, and doesn’t take up much more room than the XL jumbo boxes we’re used to. Plus, it comes with a complementary litter catcher mat and waste bin bags. Cleaning is also simple because the drum isn’t too bulky or heavy like other automatic litter box machines.

If your cat will use it, I think you’ll both love it. We have been very pleased and are grateful we now have this box. We were definitely missing out by not having one before.

Do you have any questions for me? I’m here to help! Use the contact me page or feel free to leave your question below in the comments section.

Fellow cat parents, I’d love to hear from you too! Do you have an automatic litter box in your home? If so, which one, and what do you think of it?

Thanks for reading, furiend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and found it helpful. If you’re planning to make a purchase, don’t forget to use the exclusive Cat Care Solutions coupon for the discount!

Love & Healing Purrs,


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  1. Ooo. We’ve never tried a self-cleaning litter box but I’d also like to hope that today’s offerings are better than those in the 90s!

    I had no idea how these worked. I would have said a gimmick without knowing the practicalities of function and the safety features, which are pretty high tech with all the sensors.

    I imagine a good few cats would be hesitant to use this at first, so don’t you worry, Pips! Virgil would be disappointed to no longer be able to kick litter all over the garage floor. But then many cats would probably find it quite safe and cosy to do their business in their own little toilet house.

    Cleaning and disassembly looks easier than I would have imagined, too, providing no litter gets on the base, which I guess it shouldn’t.

    This is really impressive! And your review is fantastico, Holly!

    Caz xxxx

    PS I absolutely LOVE your newer CCS logo! Can’t remember if I said this before or not.

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