Dinovite for Cats: My Honest Review after 4 Months of Use + Save $10!

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Have you ever wondered if your favorite feline’s food is lacking in essential nutrients? Truth is, we know that it is; even the highest quality ones! But that’s where Dinovite for cats comes in.

In our home, we are big believers in natural remedies – both to prevent and cure dis-ease. That’s why when I came across some information on Dinovite for cats, I contacted them to see if they’d be interested in letting me try their products so I could share it with you!

For 4 months now, we’ve been adding Dinovite in our cat’s food, and I am excited to share the results.

Even though I was initially gifted our container of Dinovite supplements to try, we have now spent our own money with this company. Needless to say, we believe in their quality and the results we’ve seen in the health of our cats.

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How it began for Dinovite

Each time I write a review, I like to give a little glimpse into the history of a company.

In my humble opinion, Dinovite has a sweet, “American dream,” kind of story. It’s a family-owned business, with husband and wife team, Ed & Cindy Lukacevic.

In the year 2000 on their farm in Dry Ridge, Kentucky, they sought to create, “…an all-natural product that supports canine health by boosting the immune system, strengthening the digestive tract and improving the overall health of the dog.”

For 6 years they continued to operate from their farm. But in 2007, Dinovite grew into what it is today – an amazing company that offers a wide-range of natural health products for cats, dogs, and horses!

All of their goodies are proudly made in the USA!

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What’s in Dinovite for cats?

Dinovite is a nutritional supplement made with whole food ingredients that contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, direct fed microbials and fatty acids that can be missing from your pet’s diet,” says the Dinovite team.

To be more specific, here’s a breakdown from the ingredient list:

what's in dinovite for cats? this is their ingredient list
Source: Dinovite

As you can see, Dinovite for cats has a wide-range of health boosting ingredients. You’ve got essential vitamins for overall health support, fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, enzymes for better digestion, and microbials to boost their immune system!

One thing I will note is that it’s important to know the status of your cat’s health as established by a Veterinarian.

Cats who have an overactive thyroid should probably not consider this supplement due to the addition of kelp.

Kelp is a powerful nutrient that is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals for us and our pets. In the right dosages, this plant from the seaweed family is safe and can increase well-being.

However, because kelp is naturally high in iodine, it can overstimulate the thyroid gland for those susceptible. Your cat needs iodine for good health, but too much of this good thing can be dangerous.

If you are concerned about feline hyperthyroidism, don’t hesitate to ask your Vet for a simple blood test.

Dinovite for cats benefits
© Source: Dinovite

Dinovite for cats dosage instructions

It’s best to start slow and gradually increase the new with any dietary change you make for your pet. This is especially true if your cat has a sensitive stomach or is a finicky eater!

Dinovite recommends the following:

  • Day 1 start with 1/4 serving
  • Day 4 increase to 1/2 serving
  • Day 8 increase to 3/4 serving
  • Day 12 feed full serving (1 scoop)

Each box of Dinovite does come with a handy scoop for easy measurements. Our cats seemed to be okay with the flavor right from the start.

For your picky eaters, you may need to halve (or more) the recommended serving.

Luckily, we’ve still seen positive health benefits even without the full scoop.

Conditions that Dinovite can help

We always recommend a visit to your local Vet for any health concerns with your purring pal. Sometimes, though, all that’s needed is a little nutritional boost. Our bodies benefit from a healthy diet and so does your cat!

Here are a few conditions the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients in Dinovite for cats can help:

  • Excessive shedding
  • Irritated skin (dry, flaky, itchy)
  • Dull coat
  • Poor immune system function
  • Tummy troubles
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Extra stink (bowels or skin)

From our personal experience with Dinovite, we have seen improvements in each of these areas.

Bill and I take care of a feral cat colony. They’re not so feral anymore because we have been working with them, but a few of them had some pretty nasty health problems.

One of our toms, who we call “Pirate,” came here with angry skin that left him with bald patches and flakes everywhere. He also had a goopy eye that looked miserable.

After about a month of feeding him canned food with a healthy dose of Dinovite, his fur is growing back thicker, shinier, and healthier. His eye is also mostly healed up!

One of our kittens also had a little eye ooze, which is not terribly uncommon. We gently cleaned her eye with a warm compress, gave her an immune support supplement to clear the gunk, and food with the Dinovite supplement mixed in.

Within a week, she was doing great too!

Another definite effect we’ve noticed in all of our cats is energy! Our 7 1/2 year old, Dizzy, acted like a kitten again! She and Pips were running Olympic-style sprints all over the house!

I am not 100% sure what is causing that burst of energy, but I am betting it’s the kelp/iodine effect.

white and gray cat in brown woven basket
Photo by Cats Coming on Pexels.com

What else does Dinovite offer?

At the time of this review, they have so many amazing products to keep your four-legged best friend healthy and happy for many years to come.

For cats, they offer the Dinovite supplement reviewed above, whole food treats, meal toppers, toys, and various supplies like odor or hair removal.

Pips’ 5 star-reviewed favorites!

In our home, Pips is the connoisseur of all things food. This boy can eat like you wouldn’t believe!

Although he gobbles up the Dinovite for cats powder, he does have a new obsession. No, seriously, I’m not joking!

He LOVES the Yummy Chik’n Doodle freeze dried meal booster.

my cat pips with dinovite yummy chik'n doodle meal booster

I believe what you see him doing here is carefully studying the ingredients of this stuff because it tastes so good! He’s trying to figure out their secret…

In all seriousness, we have had to buy him several bags because he will whine until we put this on his food! He absolutely loves it.

Cat dad Bill says I’ve created a monster… 😁

Thankfully, we have seen his health improve as a result. Pips was one of our former ferals so his immune system and overall health needed some improvement.

As you can see, his fur is very shiny, he is full of energy, and very healthy.

NubOnubs meal boosters are made from 100% freeze dried raw meat, locking in all the very best nutrients and protein. It is also gluten and grain free!

Serving Guidelines:

1 tablespoon = 1 scoop

Small cats (up to 5 pounds) = 1 tablespoon

Medium cats (5-10 pounds) = 2 tablespoons

Large cats (over 10 pounds) = 3 tablespoons

For Pips, I usually just sprinkle a small amount on his canned food and he’s satisfied.

I’d be shocked if your cat didn’t love this stuff. I hope they never stop making it because we’d have one upset kitty on our hands!

He is also a big fan of the rabbit treats.

my cat pips with his nubonubs rabbit cat treats and meal booster

That was the sole survivor of a small pile I had given him so we could take this photo! 😁 These treats are fantastic for training your cat too.

NubOnubs freeze dried cat treats are healthy treats you can feel good about serving. Just like the meal booster, they are 100% freeze dried real meat!

Conclusion + $10 OFF

I’ll be honest with you; I wasn’t sure what to expect. We knew that natural health supplements were beneficial for us, but I didn’t know if Dinovite for cats would offer any real benefits.

I have been pleased to see that all of Dinovite’s claims, in our case, have proven to be true!

If you are looking for a way to boost your pet’s health naturally (cats, dogs, or horses!), without breaking the bank, I highly recommend giving Dinovite products a try.

Currently, they offer shipping to the United States and Canada. They also offer a 90-day risk free trial! What have you got to lose?

Oh! Another thing you’re going to love about this company; they have a lot of different ways to save you money.

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Want to learn more? Click Here to claim your $10 savings buying direct from Dinovite (recommended), or find Dinovite for cats on Amazon here.

Have any questions? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! As always, thank you for sharing this with your pet loving friends and family on social media too!

Love & Healing Purrs,


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  1. A wonderful review as always. It’s so good to give your kitties the best and most healthy of food. It’s just as important for us as it is for them.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, Holly. ♥

    1. Aw! Thank you, Sandee. You are so kind. ❤️ I genuinely appreciate you, and I fully agree with you. Good nutrition is necessary for us and our pets. We may not always be able to afford the best, but we can do the best we can do!

      Sending you love, as always. Praying your week ahead is blessed. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it’s a wonderful time for you and your loved ones.

  2. I try to give a bit of background to a brand when I do a review too and when I read yours, I can tell it makes it difference. While reading this I kept thinking about the people behind the brand, and wow, they’ve achieved a lot!

    I never thought of kelp for cats. Makes sense but a good tip on the thyroid stimulation.

    Awww poor little Pirate. I’m glad he had you guys to look after him and it’s great Dinovite could make such a difference – that’s amazing! As for Dizzy’s new found energy, I’m wondering whether hoomans can snack on a bit of this stuff too…

    When you’ve got a cat actually telling you he wants something and not giving up until he gets it, you know he loves it. That’s the best sign of a thumbs up recommendation I can think of. I’d like to try Virgil on this stuff.

    NubOnubs is another great name, isn’t it? 😆

    I hope this stuff can help lots of other pets and their hooman slaves. Happy cats = less scratching damage to hooman skin!

    Fantastic review as always, Holly! xx

    1. I adore your reviews, Caz! You are the perfect example for how a great review can make someone appreciate a company they’ve never heard of. And I agree with you – this husband and wife team really have accomplished a lot. I’m glad that came through. 😊

      It is surprising about kelp, and fish derivatives too. It pays to know our bodies well so that we don’t go doing what we think is the right thing, only to find out it was the complete opposite! We are all uniquely made, right?

      I laughed when I read your line, “I’m wondering whether hoomans can snack on a bit of this stuff too….,” 😂 Yes, exactly!! We think a lot alike because I thought the same thing. Dang, where is my Dinovite at?

      I wish you could get Dinovite in the UK because I think Virgil would enjoy it. I’d love to see him in photos chowing down on his new goodies. He’s so cute!

      I love hearing from you, Caz. Thank you once again for another amazing comment. Sending lots of love & hugs your way! ❤️

  3. I never realized that about kelp! Thanks for sharing that because otherwise I would have never known about it. Very interesting!

    Pips is adorable! I bet he comes running when it’s time for dinner. lol!

    This is a great review! I love that you shared the history of the company. Their story is so cool!

    1. Aw, thank you, my friend! ❤️ It is surprising how many foods and supplements can cause issues for cats, especially as they age. I’m glad you found that interesting!

      Oooooh my goodness — Pips coming running for food? You must not be talking about my baby boy, LOL. When it comes to food, he means business! He will use every tactic his mind can think of to coerce me into dispensing the good stuff. He is very food motivated so training him to do funny stuff is easy. He’s a lot of fun but he really can be a pain when food is involved, hah. You’d be amazed how good he is at telling time! He’s on the dot alerting me for lunch and supper!

      I love your encouragement, Michelle. Thank you! I figure you and I would want any reviews about a business of ours to include why we do what we do or where we came from. So I try to do that for others too. 😊 growing a business is hard work!

      Thinking of you. Sending so much love and many many hugs. ❤️

  4. Hi! I have been giving my cat Dinovite for about 3 weeks and he has loved it from the start. I began to give it to him in hopes it would help with his chronic constipation. He was only going about once a week or so and sometimes it was so difficult for him that he would go in the middle of our bed! The Dinovite has helped a lot but yesterday he suddenly was peeing blood. He isn’t allowed outside and I can’t imagine how he would get a bladder infection, yet his bladder was extremely irritated and he was in a lot of pain. I have had cats get UTIs from a change in their diet and I was wondering if there would be a possibility that Dinovite has caused this. It’s a longshot but I was wondering if there was any possibility. I suppose I can take him off of it and then see if he gets a recurrence after I resume giving it to him. He has been getting a homemade raw food diet for the last six years and has no issues other than the constipation which may be too many bones.

    1. Hi Carol. Thank you for stopping by! I am glad to hear Dinovite was helping your boy with his miserable chronic constipation but I am saddened to hear about the blood in his urine. The timing is definitely concerning.

      Has anything else changed in his health, habits, or lifestyle recently? Is he still drinking plenty of water? Are there any new stressors in his life that could cause stress cystitis?

      I’m not seeing any ingredients listed for Dinovite that are likely to cause a bladder infection, but, as you know, every cat is an individual and it could be interacting with his system in a way that causes blood in his urine. (Especially if he already had high amounts of certain minerals or vitamins in his system) I was wondering if you’ve had any blood work or urinalysis done on him to check those levels?

      As you know, so many things can cause UTIs (or similar symptoms) in our kitties. For example, kitties with hyperthyroidism are more prone to urinary tract issues and Dinovite is high in kelp (iodine) which would be bad for cats with this condition. Not being a Veterinarian, I can only speculate on what his cause might be.

      I know you already are but I would definitely keep a close eye on him and call your Vet if his symptoms persist because he might need a prescription to help get rid of inflammation and infection. As you say, it honestly can’t hurt to eliminate Dinovite for a bit and see what happens. If the blood and pain go away, it may not be a good fit for his system or he could just need a lot less. It’s also highly possible the timing is just a coincidence and the two are not related.

      I’m so sorry; it’s frustrating in times like these because I wish that I could be more helpful. Will you let me know what you decide and what you find out? I’d really love to hear your experience and thoughts.

      Sending you and your baby my love and well wishes. I hope he is feeling better real soon!

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