20 Funny Cat Memes for Funny Cat Friday

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I don’t know about you but I love to laugh! What better way to throw off the pressures, demands, and heaviness of these crazy days than with funny cat memes? Escape the madness with me for a moment while we laugh at the unbelievably crazy antics of our feline friends.

Funny cat memes to make your day awesome!

Funny Cat Memes Video Winner

Have you seen this compilation below? Y’all, some of these are absolutely hilarious! I can just about bet that at least a few of these will make you laugh out loud!

Be sure and tell me which ones are your favorites in the comments, okay? I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Hilarious Cat Logic

If you are a cat lover or cat parent – you know how bizarre some of their logic seems to us! These funny cat memes, cat logic style, are case in point!

I’m fully convinced, cats are some of the most purposeful (and certifiably crazy) creatures on the planet. We may not always understand their genius but they know exactly what they’re doing. I think? 😉

1. Cheap date!

2. Where?! Wha?!

Funny Cat Memes for Funny Cat Friday: Cat logic

3. Oh! You shouldn’t have! No, really…

4. Only the facts…

5. Yes, this feels right

Purrfect examples of cat logic

6. Judgy much? 🤣

Funny Cat Memes to make your day!

7. Decisions, decisions…

40 Funny Memes Clean - Very Funny Animal Memes
This is so true!

8. We all like a clean toilet, right?!

cat logic memes

9. Not THAT side of the door! Other one!

cat logic images 11 (1)

10. Oops! Think I’m playing it wrong.

Cat got his head stuck in the new toy

11. My husband says, “Cat a$$ on everything!” He’s right!🤣

Cat sitting on pizza

12. There’s always one…

Funny Cat Memes: there's always one!

13. I love you more! NO! I love YOU most!

cat logic images 12 (1)

14. That’s what happens when you stay up past your bedtime reading!

cat logic memes

15. Yum!

16. I can dew it!

17. What’s da problem? If I fits, I will sits!

18. Brilliant logic, I must say!

19. Cats know no shame!

20. Service here is terrible!!

20 Cat Logic Memes Only Cat Owners Will Understand And Laugh With Tears In  Their Eyes

Feel better?

Are you smiling yet? Did I get a laugh out of you today?

Want more laughs? You’re in luck! In case you missed any catastic entertainment, take a look at my Funny Cat Friday archives. Something there is guaranteed to strike your funny bone!

In all seriousness – during these trying times, my hope is you will take some time out every single day to find the laughter stirring within your heart. Sometimes, we might have to look harder for it than others. Just find something every day that will lift your spirits and bring a smile back to your beautiful face.

At this moment, nothing would make me happier than to know you are leaving here feeling lighter and happier than when you first arrived!

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Let me hear your stories!

Has your cat done anything lately that cracked you up? Do any of these funny cat memes remind you of the tales going on in your own home? 😀

Did you have a favorite from the memes and videos in this post?

No more kisses for you, Mama!

I absolutely love hearing from you and the hilarious stories of your own resident wild-child. Thank you for sharing your time with me and for brightening my day with your presence. You are all amazing!

Sending my heartfelt love and appreciation to each of you. Remember, be sure to lay your stress down at some point every single day. I hope these funny cat memes helped you do just that!

All My Love & Healing Purrs,

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  1. These are all hilarious! It’s hard to pick a favorite! My cats are always cracking me up. I love how when they run through the house they sound like horses. How can something so small be so loud? 😂

    The cat on the pizza is too funny! Why do cats have to sit or lay in something? It could be a tiny square of paper and they have to lay on it, even though there are many more comfortable places. So funny!!

    I love these posts! Thank you for the laugh today! 🤗

    1. LOL! Yes! I knew exactly what you meant when you talked about how your cats sound more like horses running through the house. It’s so true! 🤣 Sometimes I think ours are being as loud as possible on purpose! How could we not smile?

      I agree with you – the cat on the pizza was hilarious, especially since it reinforced my husband’s statement of, “Cat a$$ on everything!” Every time he said that I would laugh so hard because it’s true! They have no shame! I’ve always been curious about why they’ll find something to sit/lay on, no matter how large the space around them is. I’d read once that it was due to them somehow feeling ‘safe’ as if they were enclosed without being enclosed? That might be an upcoming blog post! 😀

      You are so welcome for the laugh, Michelle. Thank YOU for your awesome comments. I’m so glad you enjoy these posts. They’re a lot of fun!

  2. These are adorable and funny. Nothing better than kitty fun.

    I linked this post to Feline Friday, Holly.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. ♥

    1. Kitty fun is pretty fun, isn’t it? They are always up to something hilarious!

      You are so sweet, Sandee. Thank you for linking me up with Feline Friday. I appreciate you so much! Sending my love to you this day & always. ♥

    1. I can’t tell you how much I smiled when you said they were all new to you. That’s exactly what I was hoping for! I’m so grateful you enjoyed and I thank you for letting me know you loved them. That made my day! Purrs and love to you and your kiddos!

  3. Hahaha these are so good, and so relatable too! No.2 is so spot on and rather bizarre, don’t you think? I’ll wave the cat treat stick in front of him, not in the blind spot but right there so he can see. You’d think he’d smell it as it’s akin to a human cooking a bacon sandwich. He should have laser focus on the thing. Nope. Yesterday he came into my room and starts snuffling about… he’d found a Malteser chocolate under my bed! How the hell… ??

    And the one with the cat in the chair. That’s perfect. I actually made me own design that I sent off to be made into a fridge magnet. I wonder if there’s a way I could show you, maybe take a photo. Anyway, it’s just arrived and it’s amazing. I put “If you want the best seat in the house, you’ll have to move the cat”. It’s so true. So many cat owners must get evicted from their comfy seats each year, it’s a epidemic. 🐾

    These are so, so good! Thanks for the giggles, Holly. I hope you’re having a restful weekend lovely xx

    1. It is bizarre, I agree with you! It makes me curious how the shape of their eyes are inside. You know they have to smell whatever we’re waving in front of them! I often find that if I make it a game (like flying pieces of deli meat LOL!), then Diz can’t resist trying to grab it up. Maybe Virgil sees it as just too easy and beneath him to grab such a taunt? 🤣 I’m curious if you turned your treat sticks into flying meat sticks what he’d do, ha ha ha!

      I laughed when I read your Malteser chocolate story. That was funny! I told Bill and he laughed too! He’s probably been stalking that for awhile 😁

      I would LOVE to see your fridge magnet design. Maybe send it by email? I wish you could just attach it here in the comments so everyone could see it but I’m not sure how? It is possible you could upload it to some storage server and then share the link? Either way, it sounds adorable and I’d love to see it. It’s funny you should mention this because I have an old wooden heart sign that has the same saying! It’s always been one of my favorite pieces, largely because it is 100% accurate! They know who’s running the show!

      I smiled hearing that you got some giggles out of this post, Caz. I couldn’t ask for anything more! Sending my love your way. It is always a blessing to hear from you! ♥ Hoping your weekend is filled full of cozy kitty cuddles and relaxation!

  4. Haha so many of these made me think of our cat Nemo! He has a fresh water dish daily but insists on drinking water from the bathroom sink when I wash my face or brush my teeth lol!! And he loves empty boxes, you’ve got that right with those memes. None of those toys that cost money, instead a big ol’ empty box for him haha! Love you, dear Holly, for bringing joy to us readers.

    1. LOL! Nemo sounds like quite the character! 😉 Isn’t it funny how some cats love water from the faucet? You’d think it was created just for them. They sure think so! 🤣 Then again – what wasn’t?!?

      How cats react to boxes always cracks me up too! You’re exactly right — we could find the most exotic, interesting, fun toy and it could never compare to the box it came in, ha ha! At least they’re easy to please! 🤷‍♀️

      Love you too, my friend. It makes me smile this morning to hear I could bring some joy into your day. You’re a treasure. Thank you! 🤗

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