5 of the Best Cat Carriers for Large Cats

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Since you are here reading this, you’ve probably discovered that not all cat carriers are created equal. If your favorite feline is a bit on the chunky side or is just half-lion, read on. 🙂 These are my top 5 best of the best cat carriers for large cats.

Rest assured, I am speaking from experience on this subject matter! My larger cats made Vet visits a challenge because I didn’t know the value of a well-suited carrier.

Boy have I learned my lesson! Now, I can’t imagine cat travel without my #1 pick on this list!

*Post updated May 2022

5 best cat carriers for large cats reviews
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Note: I have not been compensated to promote any of these products. These are my honest opinions!

How did I choose the best cat carriers for large cats?

Having been a cat parent for a number of decades now, you can imagine how many Vet visits and car trips there have been!

Over these years I’ve discovered what has and hasn’t worked well. Cat carriers for large cats, in particular, can be heavy and cumbersome to carry.

Poor health/strength, bad backs, or arthritis can really make getting your pet where they need to go a stressful event for all involved!

Here is the criteria I used to select our best cat carriers for large cat winners:

  • Easy access for getting kitty in and out
  • Extra room for our larger feline companions
  • Easier to carry for us
  • Strong/sturdy materials for safe transport
  • Durable for long-lasting use
  • Affordability
  • Overall design and features

If those sound like what you’ve been on the hunt for – I think you are going to love these!

No matter the size of your feline family members, these cat carriers for large cats will make any trip out a whole lot more pleasant for you both!

Side note: If you have a larger vehicle and have trouble lifting, you might even consider using a cat stroller instead of a cat carrier. That’s why I’ve included options for those as well!

# 1 – My Winner: Pet Gear VIEW 360 Dog & Cat Carrier Bag

I honestly cannot say enough great things about this carrier. In fact, the first time I took one of our cats to the Vet in it, the staff fell in love! They even took photos to share on their social media page.

Here is why you’ll love this choice:

  • The roominess inside makes it the perfect choice for cats of any size. It isn’t so huge that they feel overwhelmed but isn’t so small they feel unable to move or breathe.
  • No more wrestling with metal or plastic doors while trying to get your pet in and out of the carrier. Simply pull back the top (as seen in the first photo) and place your pet inside. Both sides open the same.
  • “Snap lock” push-button closure and opening is as easy as it gets. Push the button to open and pull the top back. To close, simply align the snap-lock pieces (as seen in the second photo) and push down until you hear the “click.”
    • I always tug gently upward a little just to be sure the lock pin is secure
  • There is a removable and washable liner which makes clean up a breeze!

  • VERY safe transport. Slide your seat belt through the two loops on the back of this carrier and click your vehicle’s seat belt as normal. It’s that easy!
  • The padded carry handle makes it easier to carry around the weight of your pet and the bulkiness of a cat carrier
  • Sun bonnet keeps your pet protected from the elements while the strong mesh allows for great airflow.
  • There are several great color options available.
  • Most airlines accept this carrier on flights. (Please check ahead for this!)
  • I saved the best for last! It is affordable on pretty much every budget!

There are so many fantastic features I could list about this winner. Can you tell I’m impressed? Turns out I’m not the only one. Some kitties love this carrier so much that it has become a favorite napping spot!

All of these reasons (and more) are why the Pet Gear VIEW 360 is hands down my winner for the best of the best cat carriers for large cats. Even small dogs can comfortably fit inside.

Tip: In mine, I placed a big plush blanket in the bottom and sprayed it with Feliway to ease any anxiety for the trip. Admittedly it doesn’t solve all of the frantic meows for kitties who don’t like to travel but it definitely helps A LOT!

🐾 There are 2 additional options available for this cat carrier:

Both of these are also considered to be great cat carriers for large to extra large cats.

  • “Booster bar” travel system found here
  • Stroller version found here

Want to learn more?

We purchased ours from Chewy and highly recommend them for all things pets! Their prices are great, their customer service is fantastic, and they ship lightning fast. We’ve been with them for several years now and have never been disappointed!

Click HERE to find out more on Chewy.

You can also find the Pet Gear VIEW 360 on Amazon HERE.

# 2 – Prutapet Large Cat Carrier

Sometimes, when it comes to finding cat carriers for large cats, there can be a lot of trial and error, right? If you’re like me, there have been some product returns along the way.

I guess that’s why Prutapet tried to think of everything your pet would need.

Here’s why you might love this choice:

  • It comes equipped with a portable/collapsible litter box and water or food bowl for long car rides. When the bowl or litter box have been used, clean up is simple by wiping clean and letting it dry.
  • The materials used are of high quality and should last for years to come.
  • The zippers are lockable! This is a must for our smarter kitties who know how to break out of ‘jail’
  • Comforting fleece liner is soft for kitty but easy to clean for us!
  • Prutapet also cares about your cat or small dog’s safety during travel. They have included ‘safety buckles’ that do allow you to strap your pet into the seatbelt for extra security.
  • Extra large design may even fit 2 cats at one time.

It is fully collapsible which means easy storage; but keep in mind that it won’t be very impact resistant.

Find out more details on Amazon HERE

# 3 – Lollimeow Pet Rolling Carrier

We all know how heavy cat carriers can be, especially cat carriers for large cats! Not only do we have the weight of our pet but also of the carrier itself.

If lugging a traditional cat carrier around just isn’t for you, a rolling carrier might make you one happy pet pawrent!

The downside is that these tend to be a little smaller width-wise on the inside. However, there’s a good chance that your kitty would still fit comfortably inside this stylish and creative carrier.

Here are some features that made this winner-worthy:

  • Multi-function design: This neat bag transforms into a traditional cat carrier with a top handle, rolling carrier with an extended telescopic rod, or use as a backpack for outings with your adventurous felines!
  • Side pocket lets you keep treats or other essentials right where you need them.
  • Adorable roll-up window shades protect your best friend from the elements or lets you open them for increased visibility.
  • Most airlines approve this carrier. (Again, please check ahead to be sure!)
  • Interior safety leash attaches to your cat’s collar or harness to prevent accidents or escapes.
  • Zippers are “anti-escape” but I still recommend securing them for pets that are magical Houdini escape artists!

Curious if this carrier would work for you?

Learn more on Amazon HERE.

# 4 – PetLuv cat & dog carrier with detachable wheels

PetLuv cat carriers for large cats

This is such a brilliant idea in my humble opinion. A roomy cat carrier with a detachable wheel base? Someone was really thinking smart with this design.

Just like our # 3 pick, this option is a fantastic choice for you if lugging a large/bulky cat carrier around just isn’t an option.

Features that gave this carrier a spot on our winners list:

  • Can hold up to an impressive 45 pounds
  • Locking zippers and sealed seams keep your kitty or pup right where they belong, safe and sound
  • Detachable wheel base helps you move and turn easily with multi-directional wheels.
  • Top loading option makes getting fussy cats in and out so much less painful!
  • There is an included shoulder strap for easy carrying when the wheel base isn’t convenient.

*Note: There are several options available. Please be sure to select the one with wheel base if that’s what you like. 🙂

Read more on Amazon HERE.

# 5 – Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog & Cat Kennel

If you recognize the name “Petmate,” I’m not surprised. For over 60 years now, they’ve been creating pet products that we know, trust, and love.

The traditional plastic carrier is probably among the most well-known cat carriers for large cats and for good reason. I’ve had cat carriers like this one that lasted me for years.

Plastic is also easier to keep clean overall versus fabric and it is much more impact resistant than collapsible carriers. The downside is having them take up more storage room unless you disassemble each time.

There is a lot to love about this Petmate Two-Door Top Load carrier though.

Here are some features that make this a great choice:

  • Top load carriers are AMAZING! The first time I used one, I couldn’t believe how much simpler it was to get kitty in and out. Many times, Vets would just let our cats stay inside the carrier while they reached inside.
    • My #1 pick also has this feature.
  • If style matters to you – this carrier comes in several color options
  • Reliable quality construction. You are unlikely to have an issue with this carrier pulling apart.
  • Petmate is a recognized brand that most airlines accept onboard. Please always check ahead!

Important note: Many times with hard plastic carriers, the ventilation holes on the sides may have sharp or rough edges. To be honest, even quality brands like Petmate seem to be inconsistent on this issue. If you choose this carrier, please check the vent holes with your fingers to be sure your cat (or dog) won’t stick their nose in there and get hurt. If the vent holes are too rough, don’t be afraid to return your item for a refund and explain why.

Read more at our favorite, Chewy, HERE

Also available on Amazon HERE


Even though the right cat carriers for large cats can be trickier to find, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! As you can see from my personal favorites list, there’s a carrier to match any preference or need.

I’d love to hear from you!

  • In what ways have you struggled to find the right carrier for you and your fur-family?
  • Did I answer your questions about these? If not, please ask away!
  • Do you prefer hard or soft cat carriers?

Finding the right way to transport our beloved pets is a big decision; my hope is that I’ve made it a whole lot easier!

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I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts, questions and opinions.

Love & Healing Purrs,

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  1. You’ve done all the hard work so we don’t have to. Thank you for that.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Holly. ♥

    1. Aw, thank you, Sandee! If I can make someone’s job easier or day better, that’s my goal.

      Sending love your way and hopes that your day and weekend is also fabulous, my friend. ♥

  2. I saw your comment on the last post after I’d said what a nightmare it was when I took Virgil to the vets without a carrier so I’d already checked out that first one. It reminds me of the seat in prams/pushchairs with the fold down hood/sun bonnet – so cute! And more comfortable for kittykats too I imagine, while being less claustrophobic for them. What’s also great, that I hadn’t realised, was how you can get the seat belt through it to secure it in. How brilliant is that?! That one is definitely a keeper.

    But you’ve also listed some other great options here. The Prutapet makes me think of if you take your cat out more regularly so he’s got his own little tent! The Lollimeow (cute name!) is one for me because carrying a pet carrier is not easy if don’t have much strength! I’d hate for someone to think that was my suitcase I was rolling along and they tried to mug me for it though. Then again, once they saw Virgil in there hissing at them they’d quickly return it 😂

    The Petmate is very similar to the one I bought. The lock door at the front and lift up lid at the top to more easily get Virgil in as there’s no way he’s going in the door if that’s where we want him to go. Good point on the classic being easier to keep clean – that’s very important if your cat goes to the vets and comes back on tablets that cause an upset stomach. Yep, I learned that the hard way.

    Fantastic post, Holly! You’ve give such helpful thoughts on all of these. A cat carrier is a brilliant investment, if you choose wisely.

    Caz xx

    1. Isn’t that first one amazing, Caz?!? You’re right, it is very similar to the chairs you describe. I need to update this post as well because the manufacturer just added a snap-on wheel base so that you don’t even have to lug the huge carrier around anymore! When you suffer from chronic pain, elder age, or any other strength deficiency, that’s a God-send. You know how heavy and clunky those carriers can be.

      LOL!! I cracked up when you described Virgil hissing at anyone who had tried to mug your ‘suitcase.’ “YOU BETTER TAKE ME BACK TO MY MAMA NOW, MISTER!!!” 🤣 Virgil don’t play that foolishness! So cute! Get ’em boy!

      I remember reading your post about the chaos that ensued when you had to take Virgil to the Vet and he got sick all over your car. Bless your heart, my friend! That is a true mess! I’m so sorry you had to deal with that – and Virgil too! Being sick is no fun. I do hope you’ll love the new carrier you got and most of all, I hope he doesn’t have to travel in it unless it’s for fun!

      Your comments are so sweet, Caz. You have no idea how much you lift my spirits. THANK YOU for being who you are! I get very easily discouraged with blogging; often wondering if I should just give it up. Your words keep me going! ♥

      Sending crazy love to you, Virgil, and your family! 😘

  3. Same was definitely a lion so picking a cat carrier for him was a challenge! I love the first carrier you shared. How cute is that?
    I also love your tip of spraying the blanket in Feliway and placing in the carrier. I’ll definitely keep this tip in mind for moving day.
    Hugs and love to you!! Pinned and shared!

    1. A lion 😺😺😺 I don’t envy you when you tried to get him in a carrier!
      The sprayed blankie idea is another really good tip. Holly is a fountain of good ideas I never would have thought of! xx

      1. Michelle!! What a sweet thing to say!! You know, it’s funny, I don’t see myself that way at all. I always feel like I’m having a hard time coming up with anything that y’all would want to read! Why are we so hard on ourselves?!? THANK YOU again for your words of encouragement. I cannot tell you how much strength they give me. ♥ Love to you!

      2. Awww…you’re welcome! I know how that feels. Some days I feel like “why bother? Nobody cares about this stuff!” LOL But I always look forward to your helpful and inspiring posts!

      3. Caz!! Oh my goodness!! As I mentioned in my previous reply to you, I get discouraged when it comes to blogging and wondering if I’m any good at it. Reading words like these truly bless my heart in ways you can’t imagine! You and Michelle both touch my heart in ways I can’t describe! THANK YOU!

    2. Sam was a big boy, huh? 😀 It really is a challenge because the huge carriers can be clunky and heavy but the smaller ones are just miserable for them; especially since the trip is already miserable enough for travel adverse kitties!

      Isn’t that Pet Gear carrier incredible? I cannot tell you how much I LOVE it! Every time I use it (which has been quite a bit here lately), I realize more and more how amazing it is. No matter where I go, it gets complimented and everyone wants to know where I got it. They’re so much better than the average carriers!

      How did moving day go, my friend? I’m so sorry that I’ve been out of touch! For some reason, I struggle with getting discouraged in blogging; wondering if I should just give it up. I really don’t want to but often wonder if I’m doing any good. (sigh) It’s so frustrating! Do you ever feel this way?

      THANK YOU for all you do to support me, Michelle. I genuinely appreciate you and all the love you send my way. I am sending love and BIG hugs right back to you! ♥

      1. Yes, Sam was about 20lbs before he got sick. He was huge! haha!

        Moving was stressful, and we still don’t have everything moved yet! We have a lot of stuff left in the basement at the other house, but it’s nothing we need right away. I’m just not looking forward to getting it out. LOL

        Yes! I feel the exact same way. Some days I don’t feel like doing anything having to do with blogging and I just want to quit. But when I take a break I start to find myself missing it. But I think we need to allow ourselves to take breaks more often. I know I don’t do that nearly enough. Some days it’s nice to just lay on the couch all day watching Hallmark and Lifetime movies. LOL!

        You’re welcome! And thank you for all your support as well! I really do appreciate it!! HUGS!!

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