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5 Simple Tips to Help You Become the Best Cat Parent Possible

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Being a cat parent is a whole lot of fun but it can also come with some unique challenges too! If you’re new to the world of felines or are just looking for some resources, this collaborative post is for you!

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five simple tips to help you become the best cat parent possible!
5 simple tips to help you become the best cat parent you can be! Plus, some great resources to help save you some money too! #cats #catsoftwitter #catcare #catlover #petcare #findaVet Click To Tweet
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Being a cat parent isn’t always easy . . .

For those of us with cat-kin, being a better cat parent is something we all hope to be, right? Knowing what our four-legged family members need isn’t always easy to figure out.

They are masters at hiding pain and disease, for example. Or, maybe you are figuring out the best foods to feed your cat for optimal health. It can get confusing, I know!

Some aspects of being a cat parent are only learned with time because each of our cats is unique. Their needs won’t be the same as the next kitty.

But if your goal is to give your cat the best life possible because they deserve it, these ideas we discuss below will help you start from a strong foundation.

As always, if you have any questions, I am here to help whenever I can!

5 Cat Care Tips for Every Cat Parent

Cats can be mysterious creatures. It’s one of the reasons we love them so much. I’m personally convinced that we could live a thousand years with them and still be learning each and every day.

No matter if you are a new cat parent or are a long-time cat lover, I hope you will find these cat care tips to be helpful.

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The right diet is essential

If you want to give your cat the best life possible, their diet is a critical piece of their wellness puzzle. There is a range of things that should impact how you feed them, from their age, their size, their breed, and any health conditions they may have.

While dry cat food (kibble) is convenient to feed, it is also extremely low in water content. It will be necessary to encourage your cat to drink more water to protect their kidneys and other bodily functions.

Our own cats now drink a lot of water because they LOVE their cat fountain. I noticed their fur became shinier, their energy levels improved, and their overall health did as well. I’ve since gifted several cat water fountains to friends and family. Their kiddos (and the pawrents) are all happy!

There will also be times when special diets are required, such as with diabetes in cats. Talking with your Vet about your kitty’s individual needs is the very best way to be an educated and prepared cat parent.

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Bond together often

Socializing is important for your cat and important for the bond between them and you as their parent. If you’re not dedicating this time to socializing, that bond will suffer and they might also be more likely to deal with issues around boredom or anxiety.

Boredom in kitties usually equals some pretty bad behavior. So be social and interact with them regularly. I promise, you’ll find lots of joy and you’ll learn a lot about them too.

As a bonus, I have found the more I spend time with my cats, talking and playing with them, the smarter they become and the more loving they are.

Don’t believe the lie that cats can’t be trained, either! Cats can be trained and it’s much easier than you think! The trick? They respond to your love and dedication.

My baby boy, Pips, LOVES to play fetch and it was extremely easy to teach him how!

Buy the best but reduce the costs!

It’s true, being a cat parent can be pricey! Buying the best doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank though!

One of my best cat care tips is to look for ways to buy the best the smart way! Whether it’s a Canada Pet Care coupon or a sale full of bargains, there are plenty of ways for you to keep costs down.

It might take a little planning ahead but keep an eye on current sales and coupon sites. Many times, if you subscribe to your favorite pet store’s email list, they will send you special deals.

It’s a great way to save a ton of cash! My husband and I love to shop at Chewy. Their “today’s deals” section gives you an easy way to find the can’t miss buys!

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Give Them a Little Space and Independence

The desire for solitude will vary from cat to cat which is why knowing your kitty’s personality is so important. Even if they love being around you, at some point, your cat will need a little more space and the chance to be independent.

That might not seem like the obvious thing to do, but cats tend to be very independent creatures by nature, and they need that time to themselves just as much as they need that bonding time with you.

If you are an introvert, like me, you’ll understand this well. 😉

Just remember, unless your cat is showing signs of being physically unwell, their need to ‘get away for a bit,’ is completely normal. When they’re ready, they’ll be back to mushing all over you.

Choose Your Vet Carefully

Choosing a vet and making sure that they’re going to give your cat the care they need when they need it is obviously really important.

There are some things that you can’t do for your cat, and that’s when you call upon your vet to step in and, hopefully, make things better. That’s why your choice of vet will be one of the most important choices you’ll ever make as a cat parent.

I don’t say this to scare you but not all Vets are created equal. In my post about cat cremation, I discuss the nightmare I went through that led to me losing my baby girl, Sugar.

Please, do your research. Ask people you trust who they see in your area. Google, “Vets near me,” and read what others have to say about the choices where you are.

Want to learn more? The American Veterinary Medical Association has some great tips on how to find the right Vet for you and your fur-child.

Looking for a holistic Vet in the USA? Click here to see who is available in your area.

Looking for a Vet in the UK? This resource might help!

Need a Vet in Canada? Try this link here.


Being a cat parent can be confusing at times but these cat care tips we’ve just discussed really can help take some of the guesswork out of making the right decisions.

Parents of human kids don’t always get it right. As a cat parent, you’ll make mistakes too. Cut yourself some slack, learn something new when you can, and just love them like crazy.

My friend, the love you’ll receive in return will melt your heart!

I’d really love to hear from you!

  • What have you learned as a cat parent?
  • How did you find your current Vet?
  • Do you have any cat care tips that you’d like to share?

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    • Aw! Thank you Sandee! I try my best to share information that actually helps!

      Sending my love to you. I hope the rest of your week is blessed! ♥️

  1. Great cat care tips all around, and I hope newbies to the world of cat care will use some of them in their cat education. My dad has had cats around him for more than fifty years, and his last one (before I got rescued) was with him for 22 years! I sure hope he learned a thing or two over that time span. Wonderful post, awesome blog.

  2. These are such great tips for being the best cat parent ever! I want to be the best cat mom I can to my Toby! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I agree that being a cat parent can be hard at times but it’s so worth it! It can also be pricey, but I love your advice on keeping the price down yet still buying the best. I honestly believe the food I was feeding Sam caused him to get sick.

    The biggest thing I’ve learned as a kitty mom is that everything is on their time. 😂

    We’re having a really hard time finding a vet since we moved. The closest ones are booked up or won’t answer the phone. I hate having to leave our vet because they were so caring. It might actually be worth the 45 min drive.

    Great advice here! Pinned and shared!

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