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Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains 1

The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, there’s nothing like them! You are guaranteed to find some peace of mind (and body) here.

If you happened to read my award acceptance post, you’ll know that the mountains of Va are where I most love to be and consider home. Something about the mountains, for me personally, refreshes the soul like nothing else can.

The much simpler, slower, quieter pace of life, it’s incredible. Seeing and hearing nature at its finest and most undisturbed, serene natural habitat, what’s better?

My husband and I are here taking a much needed break for some R&R. You may not be hearing much from me for a little while as a result. ☺

I love sharing with y’all so I wanted to send you some photos from here. I hope you will enjoy!

Please forgive me if the post is slow to load. I’m currently without laptop so will edit sizes of photos when I return to it.

I’d love to hear from you too. What’s the place you feel most at peace and call home? Do you have a favorite vacation spot? Tell me about it ☺

Blue Ridge Mountains 2
Claytor Lake view from the cabin
Blue Ridge Mountains 3
New River Trail bridge nestled in the VA Blue Ridge Mountains
Blue Ridge Mountains 4
The perfect place to sit and relax…
Blue Ridge Mountains 5
Peace and quiet on the deck
Blue Ridge Mountains 6
Koi pond and entrance to the secret garden with wisteria
Blue Ridge Mountains 7
Hiwassee, Virginia and Claytor Lake
Blue Ridge Mountains 8
Sunsets over the mountains are breathtaking

Sending my love to you and yours! 💝🌹