7 Reasons Your Family Would Love A Cat – Some Might Surprise You!

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Cats are amazing animals that can bring so much love and joy to your family. They can help teach responsibility to your children, are great companions, and they are easier to maintain than other pets, like a dog. 

That’s why this collaborative guest post is dedicated to the many reasons your family would love a cat.

orange tabby cat on penny board - 7 reasons your family would love a cat

7 Purrfect Reasons Your Family Would Love a Cat

Over the years, all of our cats have been rescued or adopted; but I also understand that many people will choose to purchase a specific breed instead. I’ve seen many homes that enjoyed the companionship of both together.

I am fully convinced you could be a “crazy cat lady” with 100 cats and each would have their own unique personalities. Some cats love sitting on your lap, for example, while others take a more independent approach.

I believe there is a perfect feline for every person, but maybe I am a little biased! If you are thinking of getting a family cat, here are some benefits you don’t want to miss. 

# 1 – They can help teach responsibility to kids

If you have children and are trying to teach them more about responsibility, owning a cat can certainly help. Being a loving pet parent is a full-time job – you need to feed them at the correct times, make sure their litter is clean, take them to the vet when required, fill up their water, give them plenty of playtime and love, or groom them if/when needed.

These are all valuable lessons to teach your kids. Having them help you as you take care of your cat also shows them what it means to lovingly care for a four-legged family member.

Depending on the age of your children, you could assign one of the tasks to them each week so that they learn the importance of looking after a live animal and making sure they are healthy and happy. 

When they succeed at caring for their cat, they’ll learn to appreciate and respect animals, grow in their self-esteem, and become well-rounded, empathetic human beings.

# 2 – A cat is great for exercising 

Animals are great as a whole for helping you exercise. You may not think it, but spending just 15 minutes on the floor with your cat playing is great for your cardiovascular health, as well as your physical health.

I can’t tell you how many times my boy Pips has given me the look of disappointment while I took a short break to recover from my arm being so tired playing with his ‘snake’ (a long shoelace) that it felt like it was going to fall off my body! 😁

You’ll be using a lot of different muscles, as well as burning calories while running after the cat toys and moving around with your cat. Plus, exercise is great for your mental health and so is owning a cat! What could be better than combining the two?

Why not try making your own homemade cat toys? Exercise and playtime with your cat will be all the more fun when you know that you made something they love!

Or, if your cat is the adventurous type, maybe they would enjoy a walk on a harness?

# 3 – Cats can be happy in smaller spaces 

Whether you are downsizing your home or just enjoy an apartment-in-the-city lifestyle, many cats are a great pet for smaller homes or rentals.

It’s true, there are a number of things to consider to keep your cat happy indoors, but it isn’t as hard as you might think!

If you can, consider saving the life of an older cat waiting in your local shelter for a loving home. They will reward you with all the love you could ever dream of.

Also, in super small living spaces, kittens or high-energy breeds like bengals, may not be the best fit and can become frustrated, which leads to destructive behaviors. When renting, this can be a costly mistake!

Cats also tend to be more quiet. If a barking dog could cause problems with neighbors, cats are a great option! Some cats do talk a lot but it’s usually not so loud that others will complain.

fluffy cat playing with mouse

# 4 – Cats can be your live-in pest control

It’s no secret; some cats are seriously lazy! But more often than not, let a fly, mouse, or creepy crawler come out — it’s time to hunt!

Dizzy used to be our resident bug catcher but she’s 8 years old now and has passed that honor onto one of our youngsters, Rascal.

Around here, it’s not unusual to find dead bugs on the carpet or the latest casualty to our hard-working crew.

Studies also indicate that mice know the smell of cat urine and will stay away from any area where a predator is likely to be found.

If you don’t appreciate mice eating that loaf of bread you just bought, having a cat in the house could be the perfect prevention!

# 5 – Cats can save you money

One of the most convincing reasons your family would love a cat is financial!

The ASPCA estimates that in the first year of pet parenting, cats are over $1300 cheaper than dogs. The savings don’t stop there, though.

In general, cats require less food, have less expensive doctor visits, and don’t need as many accessories to be happy. Plus, your cat doesn’t need to have a dog-walker hired multiple times a day for when you’re away from home!

Grooming is another expense to consider. Many dog breeds will need haircuts and regular bathing. Unless you decide to do this yourself at home, money will be involved.

There are some cat breeds that require regular grooming, but in general, cats are excellent at keeping themselves clean.

All you’ll need is a high quality cat brush and maybe a nail trimmer, like the CatSizor.

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# 6 – Indoor cats have a pretty good lifespan

Anyone who has lost a pet can tell you it’s one of the worst heartaches you’ll feel. The love a pet offers is just so special and life-changing.

Even though losing our beloved pet isn’t something we want to think about, it is a reality of this love. Chances are, we will outlive them.

On average, a healthy indoor cat lives for around 10-20 years before they sadly pass. Cat cremation was the option I chose to memorialize my sweet baby girl, “Sugar.”

When comparing the life expectancy of cats to dogs and other animals, spayed or neutered cats live a good while. It’s one of the many reasons your family would love a cat; that’s a lot of years to make great memories together!

# 7 – Your cat’s purr has magical healing powers

I’ve been fascinated by this subject for awhile now. Did you know the frequency of your cat’s purr can actually heal your body and soothe your mind?

26 Hertz is the frequency of a cat’s purr and this is the very frequency scientists use in therapies to promote tissue healing in humans.

Other incredible benefits include:

  • Lowered stress and blood pressure by listening to the purr and petting your cat
  • Cat owners are 40% less likely to suffer a heart attack
  • Reduces infection, joint pain, muscle tension, and inflammation

As a cat mama, I can 100% say this is true. Some of my toughest days were made a whole lot better by cuddling one of my kiddos and listening to them purr. It is instant relaxation!


In all my years of living, I’ve only been without a cat for a few of those years. Growing up allergic to dogs, cats were my best friends. Still to this day, I am amazed by their love, intelligence, and hilarious personalities.

Honestly, there are endless reasons your family would love a cat. They are a gift to our lives and you won’t regret it.

Are you a cat parent? Are you thinking of becoming one? Are there any points you would like to add to the above article? Is there anything you would like to share that will benefit our readers? Let us know in the comments below. 

And as always, THANK YOU for sharing this post with your friends and family. I sincerely appreciate you!

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