10 Irresistibly Cute and Cheap Cat Beds That Aren’t Cheaply Made for the Purrfect Fit

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Not everything in life has to cost a fortune! Especially when it comes to taking care of our feline family members. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost. The cheap cat beds featured in this article are mostly $30 or under, aren’t cheaply made, & your four-legged kiddos will still be the pampered cuties they deserve to be.

It’s a fact: On average, our felines sleep between 12 to 16 hours each & every day! Their internal clock has a perpetual snooze button – until you want them to be asleep that is! With sleep being such a critical part of a kitty’s life and well-being, we want them to be comfortable.

Some cats will choose your bed as the clear winner for sleeping while others prefer the sunniest, brightest window in your home. Then there are those who prefer their own space, away from all the hustle & bustle.

Cat Care Solutions is all about presenting solutions to common issues with cat parenting. Saving money on their care is a big part of that equation! That’s why this post focuses on cheap cat beds that won’t wreck your budget or disappoint you with a lack of quality.

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Cheap Cat Beds You & Your Cat Will Love

No matter the personality type or sleeping style of your feline, there is a well-constructed, comfy, cheap affordable cat bed to fit your needs!

Here are a few ideas to keep your wallet happy and your cat living in the lap of luxury!

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    Frisco Foldable Canopy Cat Bed

    Cheap cat beds that aren't actually cheap: Frisco folding canopy cat bed

    Frisco is Chewy’s house brand. We have been using their litter for a couple of years now and we like that you get decent quality at a great price.

    This foldable cat canopy bed is no exception. For less than $20, it’s a great deal. If your feline enjoys a nice hideaway spot, this is a good option. Size wise it is only 17″ tall, 17″ wide, and 15″ long making it perfect for smaller spaces. Since it is foldable, it’s easy to travel with too.

    You’ll also love that the plush cushion is removable and machine washable (on delicate cycle with cold water). We think the overall design is pretty sweet too, including the little dangle ball for play before a nap!

    Mr. Peanut’s 28″ OrthoPlush Pet Bed

    Mr. Peanut's 28" OrthoPlush bed with a kitty curled up inside

    Mr. Peanut’s is a great company. They are USA-based, family-owned, and participate in the Pay a Shelter Pet Forward Program with every purchase. Best of all, their products are of great quality! (We recommended two of their airline-approved carriers)

    At around $30 for their medium-sized orthoplush bed, it’s not the cheapest, but it’s still affordable for better quality.

    You’ll love that this bed was designed with Veterinarian help to create a cat bed that offers comfort, joint and spine support, and durability too. It is machine washable on the gentle cycle and can be dried on gentle as well.

    If you have a kitty cuddler, then most likely they will enjoy the way this bed wraps them in that cloud of comfort. Senior cats often find this type of bed soothing as well. The rounded plush design helps hold body heat, and the interior is stuffed with PP cotton which helps keep the bed from getting too cold or hot. We think it’s a pretty good deal from a reliable company.

    Mora Pets Self-Warming Cat Bed

    cheap cat beds that aren't cheaply made: mora pets self warming cat bed

    We absolutely love this self-warming cat bed mat. I purchased it back in February 2022 for a family member’s senior cat named Edward. He has a table next to some windows where birds are fed that he loves to spend time watching. When I put this bed on the table in his favorite spot, he hardly wants to leave!

    It really does have a gentle warmth and the material is so soft! After over a year of Eddie sleeping on it, the mat is still in good condition and it remains his favorite spot to be.

    You’ll love that it’s less than $25, small enough to fit in your pet’s favorite spot or to travel with, comes in 2 sizes, and is machine washable. We recommend washing on the gentle cycle and letting it air dry. Just remember to remove the inside warming pad before washing.

    If you have an enclosed shelter for outdoor cats, this might be a great way to keep them toasty in the colder months as well.

    Zakkart Cat Window Perch

    cat looking out of the window in a zakkart cat window perch

    If you have a cat who loves looking out of your windows, they’d probably fall in love with a window perch. However, this post is about cheap cat beds and window perches usually aren’t cheap. They are often cheaply made, though, creating a safety hazard.

    The Zakkart cat window perch typically costs around $50, but they often run sales bringing the price down to $30-35. For example, as I write this post, they are offering an additional 10% off coupon on top of the sale price. It’s worth checking!

    You might love that it’s made of iron with a recommended weight limit of 40 pounds, which makes this cat perch sturdier and safer than many others on the market. The washable and replaceable bed is an easy-care cozy Sherpa material with a hammock-hugging comfort for your cat.

    It is easy to install, but take extra care to pay attention to the instructions. You’ll want a squeaky clean window and properly prepared suction cups for good suction. Making sure you do the prep correctly keeps your cat safe and allows this perch to be enjoyed for a long time to come.

    The Grouchy Cat store on Etsy

    rainbow colored crochet cat bed from The Grouchy Cat Etsy store

    If handmade and unique is what you love, then you will not want to miss Heather’s Etsy store, “The Grouchy Cat.” Her beautiful, cozy, made-with-love cat beds come in a wide range of sizes and colors, starting at less than $20!

    You will also love that a portion of her sales supports different animal rescues each month. Her bio announcement reads, “Saving lives 1 crocheted bed at a time.” I love that!

    She also offers handmade toy mice from time to time, so be sure to take a look!

    MewMewLand Natural Cat Wicker Bed Basket

    MewMewLand's natural wicker bed basket with a happy kitty curled up inside

    Woven from natural cattail leaves, this beautiful wicker basket bed will have you loving your home décor and the environment. Your cat will love the plush cushion to nap on and the durable sisal rope material they can scratch without getting in trouble!

    The inner pad is also machine washable which makes it easier for us cat parents to keep their new favorite spot nice and fresh.

    It is available in 3 different sizes currently; small-round, medium-oval, and medium-round. At around $25 for the medium size, we think this could be the perfect cheap cat bed to spoil your kitty but keep some money in the bank!

    Alternatively, if you already have a nice low basket in your home, you could use that too. Consider adding a super plush cat blanket inside for extra comfort. We have these furrybaby blankets in our cat’s favorite window napping spot and they absolutely love them!

    Fukumaru Free-Standing Cat Hammock

    fukumaru free standing cat hammock with a long-haired kitty inside

    Fukumaru was a beloved Japanese cat owned by a grandmother who adored him. This brand captures the love we all feel for our cats who are our kids. We have purchased from them and can honestly say the designs are simplistic but the quality has been good in our experience.

    That’s why I don’t hesitate to share this free-standing hammock for less than $30 from them. It is big enough for your larger cats and has an anti-tip design to keep them safe. The hammock-style beds are great for older cats too because they relieve painful pressure points on sore joints. Not all cats will take to hammocks right away but our kitties love them!

    The hammock fabric is machine washable making it easy for you to keep it looking new and feeling fresh. Add in a soft blanket for the colder months and your cat will surely be living in luxury!

    Vibrant Life Small Cozy Cuddler-Style Dog & Cat Bed

    Vibrant life small cuddler dog and cat bed

    When most of us think about pet beds, this style is probably what comes to mind, right? There are good reasons why they are loved by so many pets worldwide. For less than $15, this sweet sleep snuggler bed hits all the right spots. 😊

    Measuring in at 21″ long, 17″ wide, and 5.5″ high, it will probably be roomy enough for larger kitties, even if it is a tight squeeze for some.

    Our cats love the padded sides and use them as pillows, which I admit, melts my heart every time!

    This bed is also machine washable on the gentle cycle in cold water, making it both affordable and durable. It’s also made from 77% recycled materials which we think is pretty great!

    DUKTIG Doll Bed from Ikea

    DUKTIG doll bed from Ikea cat bed hack
    Source: Reddit

    Alright y’all, this one is “aww worthy!” Ikea sells this adorable doll bed that cat parents are turning into their very own custom cat beds. Some have even gotten extra creative and turned them into little bunk beds for multi-cat homes. We can’t have them fighting over which bunk to sleep in for the night, ya know?! Cuteness overload, I’d say!

    Kitty bunk beds made from Ikea's DUKTIG doll beds

    At around $25, it doesn’t get much cuter than this. If you know how to sew or crochet, you can even make your cat their own bedding and matching pillow.

    DIY Cat Perch from Hymns and Verses

    Cheap cat beds you'll love featuring the DIY cat perch from Hymns and Verses

    Beyond a doubt, one of my favorite things ever shared on this blog was in my post, 10 Cat Crafts For Adults That Kids Will Love Too. It was there I shared this DIY cat perch from Doreen at Hymns and Verses. It’s simply amazing.

    In her post, she shares how she found the basket tray used in this DIY for $14.99 from Home Goods. I’m not sure of the size she used but I do see some basket trays available there for around $10 that might work, depending on the size of your cat.

    If you feel like a DIY both you and your cat will love, this one is worth the effort!

    The Refined Feline

    I know this post is dedicated to cheap and affordable cat beds, but if you are looking to splurge, I highly recommend The Refined Feline.

    Their Lotus branch cat shelves are so beautifully made and incredibly cozy for kitties to rest up high.

    Check it out >

    Cat Care & Budget Can Get Along

    We all know that vet bills, food bills, and other pet expenditures can add up. Staying within a budget while providing what our cats need can be challenging.

    Thankfully, as you can see, that doesn’t always have to be the case! There are some great cheap cat beds out there that won’t fall apart 3 weeks later.

    What’s your favorite type of cat bed? Do your cats have a favorite in your home? Let me hear from you! I look forward to it! ♥

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    1. Cats either love their bed or they hate it. It’s good when you find one they love and it doesn’t cost you and arm and leg to buy.

      Have a fabulous day, Holly. ♥

      1. Aren’t they spoiled? 🙂 They definitely have their tastes and “almost good enough” simply won’t do!

        I hope you have a wonderful day too Sandee ♥

    2. I better not let my cat see this, he’ll want one of each! I laughed at ‘kitty condos’, that’s such a cute way of putting it 😆 I think a slightly enclosed window seat / platform would go down well with my cat. I’ve moved his cat house thingybobby towards the patio door as he likes to lie on top where the sun comes in through the glass. Brilliant post, you’ve covered the options really well!
      Also, I’m not sure if I’ve said this before but I like the slight revamp to the blog, looks really swish!
      Caz xx

      1. Caz, once again, you’ve made my day! Never underestimate the impact you have for others ♥

        Kitty condos is a pretty apt description isn’t it? 😀 Lord knows they want it alllll to themselves. The whole wide world that is.

        I am so grateful to hear you like the revamp. I wasn’t sure if it was working correctly or not because on my side, some strange technical issues keep occurring. I was concerned y’all were experiencing the same. Swish: love your British language 😉

        Thanks again Caz. You’re the best! Sending lots of love and well wishes your way! ♥

      1. Aww! Thanks friend! I’d love to see the end result of you & your daughter creating homemade cat beds. I bet they’ll be a hit!

    3. Hi Winnie! Sorry for my delay in reply to you. They do look cozy don’t they? Sometimes I feel envious of just how comfy their sleep spots are! Although they can get in to a whole lot of sleep positions we can’t even imagine 😉

      Wishing you & yours a wonderful week ahead! ♥

    4. We got Layla a plush cat bed and she loved it for a few months but now she insists on resting on the hard coffee table! Ummm?!! Haha well she seems content 😉

      1. Haha! Layla sounds like she definitely has a mind of her own. What’s to bet that she will take again to the plush kitty bed you so graciously gifted her after a “I think I’ll sleep here on this hard coffee table” phase? 😀 Cats are funny creatures. I understand! We shake our heads in disbelief quite a bit ’round here 😉

        Lots of love to you my friend!

    5. I love them all, but the doll bed and the bunk beds made me say awww. Great review.

      I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

      Have a fabulous day and week, Holly. ♥

      1. You are the absolute best; you know that, Sandee? ❤️ I’m so grateful for you and genuinely love hearing from you. Thank you for linking me to Aww Monday. Who could possibly resist those sweet little beds? I agree with you, they are definitely awww-worthy!

        Sending you and your family my love, always. Have a blessed week my friend!

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