Hilarious Cats and Dogs

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Hilarious Cats and Dogs To Make Your Day! ♥

If you are a proud pet parent, I have every reason to believe that you’ve had countless hours of entertainment! There are some truly hilarious cats and dogs memories in our lives! Aren’t there?

What’s the funniest thing your cat or dog has done? Tell me about it in the comments section below!

Here is your “Funny Cat Friday” for 3/29/19 🙂

Watch this video below. It just might be some of the best 15 minutes you’ve spent. I guarantee you’ll get a bunch of smiles and some good laughs!

Be blessed today, dear readers. I appreciate you!

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Sharing Is Caring ♥ Thank You!


  1. Hahahah that video is great! Cats really can be so incredibly weird, odd, mean and plain stupid sometimes. But cute nonetheless! The sound effects on some of these really make them hilarious. A few funny dogs in there, too! Thanks for the giggles 🙂

    Hmmm funniest thing my cat does… first thing that comes to mind is how he doesn’t like the rain. We have a patio area out the back, and if it’s raining and wet on the slabs, he tentatively steps out. Then limps. He’ll keep a paw held high in the air and limp around like he’s hurt his paw. On his way back in, he’s still limping, then he’ll race around the kitchen. What a faker! The first time he did this I thought he was hurt and I was so scared something was wrong. Until I saw he was fine and he’s done it ever since.

    Caz xx

    1. LOL Caz!!! You just made me laugh! Your cat’s wet paw antics sound hilarious. He knows not only can he get your attention but he might even get some sympathy thrown in for good measure 😀 How sweet! So glad you shared that with me!

      And I am truly grateful you enjoyed the video. Laughter is the best medicine and I love to make y’all smile and forget the troubles of life, if but only for a moment! 🙂 You’re awesome. Thanks for coming by and commenting!

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