How To Find Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services + Save Money on Everyday Cat Care

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We adore our pets, but let’s face it — their medical bills can add up quicker than ours, right? For so many people, the options look bleak as they look into the eyes of their precious pet and feel helpless to help them! I know, because I’ve been there too.

Our guide will discuss how to find low cost spay and neuter near you, how to save money on your vet bills in general, and a few other resources that could help. We hope it’s what you’ve been looking for!

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We will be dividing this guide into two parts.

In part 2, Liz shares her expertise for how to save money on vet bills and how to know when care is needed. Find that post HERE.

Also be sure to check out her awesome blog, Tails & Tips.

How to find low cost spay & neuter programs near you

My husband and I are an unofficial rescue. In our neighborhood, cats are sadly abandoned often, and then do what their instincts tell them to — breed! As you can imagine, that means lots and lots of kitties all over town!

We adopted all we could, so we’ve tried fostering others until we can find them their forever home. Unfortunately, if you’re here reading this, you know how expensive it is to get a pet spayed or neutered, all shots up to date, and other important medical care.

That’s not even mentioning an emergency or the expense of long-term care!

If you live in a rural area with limited resources like we do, it becomes even harder. Hopefully, my mission of finding help can now help you.

Here are our babies if you’d like to come say hi! 👇🏽

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Let’s get to it! Below are some amazing resources that can help you find low cost spay and neuter programs near you.

# 1 – Spay USA

This is a resource from called SpayUSA. In my opinion, it’s one of the most effective ways to find low cost clinics in your area.

Even here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, they were able to locate a few when no one else did. Some of their listings may no longer be active, but it’s still my first choice for you because it’s worth a try!

They write, “Spay/neuter services should be within reach, geographically and financially, for everyone who has a cat or dog.

— Animal League, thank you, we wholeheartedly agree!

A side profile of a woman in a russet-colored turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

Help us end pet overpopulation!
Call us toll-free at 1-800-248-SPAY (1-800-248-7729).
Our phone counselors are available:
Monday through Friday: 9-5 EST

# 2 – Check with the vet offices in your area

Call around, get quotes for services, and find out if they offer any kind of discounted services for financial hardship. Do they offer a payment plan that would work well for you?

Some veterinarian offices may also offer discounts for cats (or dogs) that have been rescued/adopted. Do any in your area, or nearby areas, offer this blessing?

If none of the offices you contact have these options available; ask if they can direct you to a rescue or organization who could help you get low-cost services.

Even in our rural area, we have a “neuter scooter” that does free to low cost spay and neuter surgeries so many days per month. The downside is that they are often booked months in advance.

If this is the avenue you decide to go, book your appointment ASAP.

(Note: Typically they will clip the ear of your cat but some will not do this upon request!)

Food for thought: When you are calling around, if you do find a vet’s office that is particularly helpful in your search, please consider giving them your business in the future.

Veterinarians, vet techs, and all other staff work extremely hard and good ones (with good staff) deserve to be honored for the excellence they provide!

# 3 – Call or visit your local pet store(s)

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You’d be surprised how many low-cost resources you’ll discover with this tip. Just the other day, a friend told me that one of our local small-business pet shops offers free or low cost spay and neuter once a month or every other month.

Maybe someone in your area offers the same?

If you don’t have any small business pet shops near you but do have the big chain stores like Petco or PetsMart, definitely check in with them as well.

Take a look at their bulletin board (if they have one) for any current offers. These are the kinds of places where rescues, TNR organizations, and other low cost clinics like to advertise because they really do want to help you keep your pet!

Be sure to ask staff members if they know of any resources too. Even if they don’t know, a shopper might overhear your conversation and offer you the perfect advice!

You can also go online to Pet Smart Charities low cost spay and neuter clinic finder to see if any are available near you.

# 4 – Contact your local animal shelter(s)

In our area, we have two main shelters. We have the animal control facility and the no-kill SPCA.

When we first began trying to help these neighborhood cats, I contacted animal control. The lady who worked there at the time was a wealth of knowledge for different low-cost options available to me. She even helped me get at least 8 to rescues that eventually found them their forever families!

None of the low cost clinics she mentioned were in my immediate area, but they were still possible options, even if it meant some travel or inconvenience!

Shelters get overrun with surrendered animals when people can’t afford to keep them. They’d much rather help you find ways to afford the services you need so your beloved pet can stay right there at home with you.

In the USA, do a search for “SPCA near me,” or “local animal control,” and see what kind of results you get. Stop by or give them a call and find out what recommendations they have for your situation. If you can volunteer to help out, please do!

In the UK, the RSPCA could be helpful. For my Canadian friends, Humane Canada might be a good place to start looking.

—- 💫 If you would like to help a rural area shelter save lives, our local one is in need of financial aid because the two counties they serve do the bare minimum (if that) to assist them. You can find their Facebook page here or send much needed supplies from their wishlist directly to them from Chewy. THANK YOU! ♥️ 🐾

# 5 – Special grants and giving organizations

There are some truly special people out there doing amazing things for pets and their parents! These organizations listed below offer grants or financial aid to those who cannot afford to treat their pets.

It may not be easy to be accepted for help and there will be guidelines you have to follow.

While they may be able to give you advice on how to find low cost spay and neuter services near you, these special groups are dedicated more to those who need life-saving care but can’t afford the bill.

**If you have a favorite, please let me know so I can add them!

** For a more comprehensive list of help available, please visit here.

Consider donating

If you are reading this and are financially able, please consider giving financially to these organizations. They help people everyday and need our help to do it!

# 6 – Consider veterinary colleges

Not everyone will have one close enough to them for this to be an option but for those it would work for, this is a great choice!

Click here to see if you have accredited veterinary colleges nearby.

If you do, they usually offer low cost services of every kind. Plus, you can feel good about training up the next generation of brilliant veterinary minds!

# 7 – Care Credit could help

I’ll be honest with you; I’m not a fan of credit cards or debt. The stress that comes with both can feel suffocating.

However, there are special situations where it might be appropriate. If you qualify, Care Credit offers no interest if your balance is paid in full within the promotional period of 6-24 months.

My husband actually took out Care Credit years ago when his dog Buddy had heartworm surgery that he sadly did not recover from. 😢

It was equal payments each month, interest free, but paying the agreed upon amount is required.

To learn more about Care Credit, take a look at how it works.

Additional Resources

If you are still having trouble finding a low cost spay and neuter clinic near you, here are more places to check. (I will continue to update)

Dog Lover’s Digest: If you live in the United States, this could be a great resource for you. They have taken the time to collect the names of organizations in each state and have organized them by county. When you visit their link, click on your state to see if they have any listings available for your area.


If you’ve been frustrated, trying to figure out how to find local spay and neuter services (or low cost vet care) in your area and came up empty in your search, we understand!

Hopefully your search is empty no more after reading this post!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section. Did you find some help in your area? Or will you be trying one of the other services listed here?

Please share this guide with your friends and family on social media. The more pets and pawrents we can help, the better! Thank you! 🐾 ♥️

💡 And please remember — if you have time or money to spare, please consider volunteering or donating (food, pet beds, money, etc) to your local shelter or rescue organizations. They simply cannot continue saving animal’s lives without our help!! THANK YOU! ❤️

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