8 Custom and Personalized Pet Gifts For Every Pet Parent

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Your search is over. Here are some of the internet’s best personalized pet gifts for every occasion – all conveniently located in one post! You’re welcome 😁


8 of the Best Personalized Pet Gifts For Your Favorite Felines & Canines

All around the globe you will find spoiled cats & dogs awaiting their next gift. But what about pet parents?

We pet parents see our four-legged kiddos as family. We dote on them, spoil them rotten and make sure they have everything needed (or wanted) to be happy.

It’s no wonder then that receiving personalized pet-themed gifts make us so happy! No matter who you are buying for (including yourself) – these gifts are guaranteed smiles waiting to happen.

#1 – Personalized Cat Collars & Tags

I love this gift idea. Personalized pet collars keep our dogs and cats safer while adding that special touch of love. I often wonder if they walk around with their tag jingling, their heads held high, thinking, “That’s right, I’m loved!” What do you think?

personalized cat collars

These adorable Stainless Steel kitty tags by GoTags are unique and durable. Laser engraving gives you peace of mind, knowing your information will never rub off.

Your cat will be the talk and envy of the others around town! 😀 Need the dog version instead? Find that here!

personalized pet gifts

GoTags also created these reflective nylon, breakaway collars available in 5 color options.

We all know our kitties love to explore. If yours is known for getting in precarious situations, have no fear. The safety buckle will release to prevent your feline from getting caught and choked.

Love canines instead? Find that here.

#2 – Personalized Name Leash Holder

personalized leash holder

Have you ever been in the situation where it was time to walk the dog… and you couldn’t find the leash?

So many of us lead hectic lives and get a bit disorganized at times. In my world, any gift or item that helps me stay organized is treasured!

This eco-friendly recycled aluminum dog leash and collar hanger is sure to delight every dog owner!

#3 – Kitty Christmas Stocking

personalized cat gifts

Alright, I admit, my heart melted a bit when I discovered this gift for my cat. Is it just me?

We believe in our home that our cats are a part of the family. Dizzy pretty much runs the place, ya know!

If you feel the same about your cats, or someone you know does, they will love having a Christmas stocking just for the four-legged kid in their life.

It’s an affordable way to say I love you and to help your kitty feel included for the holiday celebrations.

#4 – Exact Replica Custom Jewelry

personalized cat gifts

I would have to say, hands down, the most unique and special gift on this list is this one right here.

DreamDesignByYou gives you the ability to upload a photo of your choice for them to make into a custom .925 sterling silver necklace. Their designs are stunning, their work is impeccable and you won’t find quality any greater anywhere else.

I am blown away by their ability to design exactly what you sent them to create. More often than not, they will even accommodate many special requests. Creating your piece is an affordable, one-of-a-kind gift that will never be forgotten.

#5 – Personalized Funny Cat Mom Coffee Mug

personalized pet gifts

Coffee mugs are one of those classic gifts almost anyone will use!

But if you have a cat mom with a great sense of humor on your list – this coffee mug is a must see!

Mornings can be rough. Brighten it up with this funny love note from the cat!

#6 – 3D Custom Pet Pillows

personalized cat gifts

When it comes to personalized pet gifts, they really have thought of everything!

This company, DGGW, allows you to upload your photo and they will turn it into a 3D pillow. How cool is that?

Simply follow their instructions for the best quality picture possible. I guarantee this gift will surprise anyone who receives it. I’d also be willing to bet that they don’t already have one. 🙂 It’s a really neat idea and is affordable on every budget!

#7 – Custom Canvas Prints from Photos

personalized pet gifts

One of my personal favorite ways to do personalized pet gifts is through canvas prints.

Some of the canvas prints I’ve received took my breath away with the quality of the image.

These simple to do prints allow you to upload your own photo and transfer it onto a canvas. Art prints offer a very personal touch to any pet lover’s life.

#8 – Birthday/Gotcha Day Birthstone Jewelry

personalized cat gifts

Have you ever seen those rings or necklaces for moms of human children that have the matching stones for their birth month?

Now we pet parents can celebrate our babies the same way. With 7 very unique necklace, keychain and bracelet designs available, there is something for everyone on your list.

This is a really neat way to celebrate the four-legged children in our lives. What do you think?

8+ Personalized Pet Gifts

You Can’t Go Wrong With Any of These Personalized Pet Gifts

It’s true, that saying…

Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.     


When we give a gift from our hearts, we give a piece of us to the recipient. It’s a really special exchange of thoughtfulness. No matter what you choose, know that if you give it with love – you’ve given the perfect gift.

This article, in my small way, is my gift of love to you. I hope you have found something for yourself or someone you care about.

If you’ve enjoyed this list and found it helpful, please share it with your social media friends. I appreciate you so much! 😻

All My Love To You & Yours,


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  1. Good list. Our kitties are really happy with boxes, the stuffing that comes in show boxes, and stuffed mice. They like hair tie bungees, Christmas bows and ribbons, also. Spunk likes plastic lids and anything he can destroy.

    1. Hey Tim! I’m laughing at your kitty wisdom. Those are Dizzy’s favorite toys too. I considered including all of those on the list but figured they wouldn’t be as big of a hit for the human folk 🤣 One of the best things about cats is how easily they are entertained. Even though that can equal some serious home de-construction 😛

      Hope you & yours are well! Thank you, as always, for sharing your thoughts.

  2. These are some great gift ideas! I really love the custom jewelry. It’s amazing that they get the picture to look exactly like your pet! And that mug is so funny!!! The birthstone necklace is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Michelle!! I was trying to find out of the ordinary things that would be a surprise for someone receiving them.

      I agree, I think the 3 you mentioned are my favorites too 🙂 The necklace that is an exact replica really surprised me. I had no idea anyone had the ability to do that with such accuracy. (especially not for any reasonable price!)

      Thank you for letting me know what you think 🤗 I’m trying to get better about dedicating time to the blogs. As you know, life gets crazy!

    1. Thank you so much Sandee! I was trying to find the most unusual and personal gifts for this list. I aim to please and help 🙂

      I pray your day is wonderful as well. Thank you for coming by ♥ Always good to hear from you!

  3. Wow, what a thorough post – some amazing ideas here! Those stainless steel kittykat tags are so cute. I wish I still had my dog (it’s the 8 year anniversary of his death today and I don’t know where the time has gone, I still get upset just thinking about him) I remember buying him two tags for his collar, so I’d definitely have got one of those for him and that personalised leash holder, that’s so cool!
    I had no idea you could get a like-for-like piece of jewellery made of your little furbaby from a photo. That’s impressive and it would make such a thoughtful, meaningful gift.
    Amazing round-up of products, Holly!!  ♥
    Caz xx

    1. Oh Caz – first and foremost – please accept my most sincere heartfelt sympathies for the loss of your beloved dog. You’re right, that hole in the heart never really goes away when you’ve lost a really special pet kiddo. I am so sorry. 🤗

      Your reply touched my heart, my friend. Thank you! ♥ And I agree – the like-for-like (love that description) jewelry is impressive. Their attention to detail is stunning. Glad you enjoyed too!

      All my best to you, Caz. I hope your weekend is fantastic!

    1. Thank you so much Correne! I am grateful you enjoyed the list. It was important to me to find something for everyone, on every budget – yet still unique and fully customizable.

      I hope you are well today. It’s wonderful to see you! ♥

    1. Thank you for letting me know about Petsies. They are pretty darn cute, aren’t they? After looking at their website, I’m considering adding them to this list as a + 1 kind of deal 🙂

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me! Hope you are well today 💕

  4. My cats, Holly, love the toy mice both large and small, small balls that they can bat around, catnip filled toys, and some will for example run with a pen of mine in their mouths until I run after them to get my pen back. These gifts listed here are truly unique. I especially like the necklace one, but I have so many cats, both past and present I don’t think the pendant would be large enough to fit all of them on. LOL

    1. LOL! You made me smile with the stealing your pen comment. Dizzy used to steal things like that and run through the house, ramming it against doors, walls (etc) making as much noise as possible. Aren’t they hilarious?? 😹

      Thank you for letting me know your cat’s favorite toys. I’ve had a post in draft form for awhile now featuring ways to keep indoor cats healthy and happy – as well as the best toys to stimulate indoor kitties. Your vote for what’s working in your home is important to me! 🙂

      I can see your dilemma about the necklace for sure! Oh how we love our four-legged kids, both past and present, don’t we? They are hear breakers! Hope you & yours are well today. As always, THANK YOU for your thoughtful comments and support. I appreciate you so much more than you realize! ❤

  5. Great present ideas! They’re every therefore cute. Love the jewelry or the stockings are adorable. I’ve certainly not seen pillows as that either. Thanks for sharing:)

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