4 Simple Ways To Make Owning A Cat Easier and More Enjoyable

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Owning a cat is a weird and wonderful experience, isn’t it? From their little head nudges to the chirps they give when you return home, and, let’s not forget, the healing sound of their happy purrs as they cuddle into you on a cold night. Cats are an amazing companion that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Am I at all biased? 😉

However, like with any pet, owning a cat comes with its challenges and responsibilities. They are, after all, just like children who are 100% reliant on our care. With that in mind, here are some super simple tips to make being a cat parent that little bit easier (and more fun!)

4 simple tips that make owning a cat easier and more peaceful

Nip Behavioral Issues In The Bud

Much like humans, cats can become fearful or angry at times, and it might not seem obvious why. A big part of owning a cat is watching for these behavioral changes, and helping them through it.

Even small changes to their lifestyle or noises that we can’t hear can provoke behavior changes that are less than desirable, such as these:

  • Urinating or spraying outside of the litter box
  • Scratching/destroying your furniture
  • Yowling incessantly
  • Pacing the home nervously (restlessness)
  • Refusing to go into rooms or homes they once loved and felt safe in
  • Sudden mood shifts with clawing, biting, and angry outbursts

Thankfully, there is an easy solution that’s safe for all animals and even babies! Curious? Try investing in a Feliway Diffuser for your home. Feliway provides the same comforting effect as natural pheromones do when deposited by cats themselves, and that’s why it works so well.

In my post, “How To Calm Cat Anxiety,” I write about how much of a help Feliway has been for our very own cats. Truly, I have witnessed time and again how much of a difference this one addition to your home can make!

I’m not guaranteeing it will work for everyone but I can say that I have seen it work for enough people that I’m confident to recommend it!

cat roaming outside: simple tips for owning a cat

Oh, Sweet Freedom!

Cats are natural explorers, and while you may allow your cat to roam outside, it’s understandable that you may not want to leave a window open at all times.

Rather than keeping your kitty cooped up inside, consider installing a cat flap window insert to allow them to explore inside and outside as they please. They’re easy to install, require no tools, and come in a range of sizes to fit your window and, of course, your fur baby.

Don’t want your cat roaming free in the great outdoors but want them to enjoy some fresh outdoor air? Consider a ‘catio.’ These amazingly cool catio designs just might inspire your next DIY!

safe space for cats: owning a cat and enjoying them

Provide a safe space

Cats are unique and quirky animals. In the same way we humans have distinct, individualistic personalities, so do our feline companions!

Long-time cat parents will tell you that no matter how many cats we’ve had in our life – the experience of owning a cat will be different every time.

Some cats are adventurous, others anxious, some comedians, and others cool, calm, and collected. Our kitties really are like a box of chocolates!

Every cat, however, no matter the personality type, can be spooked in their environment and need some ‘time away from everything.’

Providing them a safe space where they can be off to themselves, away from loud noise and our crazy human activities (like renovating your home!), is a good way to show your love and care.

Here are some things to have in your cat haven safe space:

Don’t worry if they want to be alone for some time. They’ll come out when they’re ready! Forcing them to come out only adds anxiety to an already tense situation.

Note: If your cat does show signs of persistently odd behavior, more anxious, tired, and not their usual selves, please do get them checked by a Veterinarian.

owning a cat: have lots of toys!

Go cat toy crazy!

Cats LOVE to play, and sometimes, you may find yourself a victim of their excited claws. Giving them plenty of toys to play with, including a scratching post, could help prevent them from playing too rough with you and accidentally hurting you.

That’s why our final tip in this post for making your experience of owning a cat more fun is to have a home full of toys! Find what works for your cat. It may even be as simple as a cardboard box or that random piece of string!

Our Dizzy goes into the box I keep my hair ties in and leaves those all over the house! (funny, but not funny, Diz!) Sometimes it’s the simple things in life, right?!?

Remember, if your cat hisses or their backs go up, they are signaling to you that playtime is officially over! Respecting this and allowing them to go rest is a good way of building up a trusting relationship with your cat, and prevent them from attacking you or any family member unnecessarily out of frustration.

They will do anything they like - Imgflip

Life is never dull with a cat in your life

It’s true, owning a cat almost guarantees a life full of laughter, fun, and some of the whackiest behavior you’ll ever witness! Ha ha!

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Our cats might be unsure of our intelligence sometimes but I sure would love to hear from you!

  • Are you a new cat parent?
  • Have you ever tried Feliway? What was your experience?
  • Do you have a cat flap window insert, like the one featured in this post? What do you think about catios?

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