15 Cool Cat Facts: Getting To Know Our Feline Friends

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Cats are hilarious, mysterious, perplexing, and altogether amazing! Here are 15 cool cat facts for every cat lover!

15 cool cat facts

They fill our homes with love, laughter, and mischief, but how much do we really know about our feline friends?

Whether you’re an old pro at being a human cat slave or a brand new cat parent – I hope you will find these cool cat facts surprising and entertaining!

Take a stretch, get cozy and lets begin our …

Cool Cat Facts Countdown

# 15 – Your cat’s purr can help heal your body and theirs

Do you find the sound of your cat purring to be relaxing? I do! Turns out, there’s a reason we humans (and kitties) respond this way.

“Purrs at a frequency of 25-100Hz correspond with established healing frequencies in therapeutic medicine for humans,” explains Gary Weitzman, Veterinarian and author of “How To Speak Cat.”

Our cat’s purr lowers our blood pressure, stress levels, reduces pain, and can even help heal infections!

What’s even more incredible? Our favorite felines reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 40%!

With all that purr power, no wonder they hold themselves in such high esteem! 😁

There is a big myth to be aware of, however. Cats don’t always purr from happiness. Purring can signal pain, anxiety, disease, or distress in many forms. Pay attention to purrs. Could your cat be trying to tell you something?

Need some purr therapy of your own? Here you go, my friend!

# 14 – Cats can jump over 5 times their own height!

You’re not imagining things! That crazy leap your cat just took and landed is one of the most impressive feats of our felines!

Watch as this kitty jumps 9 times its own height to grab that toy mouse!

How’s that for athleticism?

# 13 – A cat can’t see directly below their nose

Ever tossed your kitty a tasty treat, only to find them seemingly oblivious?

Cats have a blind spot directly below their nose like we do below our chins.

# 12Your cat shares 95.6% of their DNA with tigers!

domestic cats share 95.6% of DNA with tigers

Jong Bhak, a geneticist at the Personal Genomics Institute in South Korea, recently discovered something amazing.

You read it right, our charmingly adorable house companions shared 95.6% of their genomes with tigers.

Just look at that face! It’s pure “catitude!”

If you’re a cat parent, somehow, I’m betting it’s a familiar look!

# 11 – Female cats tend to be right-pawed and male cats tend to be left-pawed.

kitty acrobatics
Can YOU do this?” 😂 Photo by Nasab on Unsplash

In our home, we’ve joked that one of our cats, Jinkx, taught Dizzy how to use her ‘left hook’ punch.

Little did I know, there’s some science to back up why this is!

Curious which paw your feline prefers? “It’s just a matter of being observant,” says scientist Deborah Wells.

Over a period of months, watch these behaviors:

  • Which paw does your cat lead into the litter box with?
  • When walking/running up or down stairs – which paw do they lead with?
  • When grabbing, swatting, or pulling on toys – which paw do they prefer?

Whichever paw your kitty tends to favor is probably their dominant one. 🙂 Pretty neat, huh?

# 10 – Cats can’t taste sweetness

Cats lack the Tas1r2 gene which gives other mammals the ability to savor the sweet things in life.

Curious why your cat still loves to nibble on ice cream or other sweet treats? It’s possible that your feline is using their Tas1r3 receptors to taste high concentrations of sweetness.

It’s a very rare thing [cats enjoying sweets], but we don’t know yet,” says Joe Brand, biochemist and associate director at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.

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# 9 – Black cats on average have fewer health problems

our cat Dizzy helping us outside
Our cat, “Dizzy,” helping us in the yard

Our black cat, “Dizzy,” just danced all over my keyboard about this cool cat fact!

This research by the National Institute of Health finds that a genetic mutation in black cats makes them much less susceptible to common cat diseases like FIV.

Those same studies show some promise for understanding the genetic role and possible cure for HIV in humans!

# 8 – Your cat’s whiskers match the width of their bodies

cat whiskers

In general, your feline’s whiskers are as long as their body is wide.

For your cat, this serves as the perfect way to figure out whether or not she’ll fit into that tight space she’s been eyeing!

If her head goes in and her butt wiggles back out, she’s decided the risk of getting stuck is simply too high!

That extra cat food was still worth every bite though! 😉 All this hard work calls for another cat nap!

# 7 – A cat’s brain and our brains are about 90% similar

In my post, “How Smart Are Cats, Exactly?,” we talk about this very topic.

Turns out, cats process information, and especially, emotion, in similar ways to us. How’s that for great minds thinking alike?

# 6 – Nose-Print vs. Finger-Print

no two cat noses are alike

By now, I’m sure you’re aware that no two fingerprints in humans are alike. You are literally one of a kind. (We need to celebrate this!)

Our felines have a unique identifier mark as well: their nose-prints! You might find similar markings, but you’ll never find two that are identical.

# 5 – Your cat probably has a better sense of smell than you do

Dogs have long been the celebrated sniffers in our lives, right? Well, okay, dogs still win in this category. 😉

Cats do have a very powerful sense of smell, though. In fact, “Cats have a sense of smell 14 times greater than a human,” says Jim Carlson, DVM.

# 4 – Cats mainly sweat through their paws

Curious how cats cool down in hot weather? Do they sweat like we do?

The answer is yes, but differently. Cats have sweat glands in a few hairless parts of their body: paws, lips, chin, and tissue around the anus, explains PetMD.

Little wet paw prints on your hard floors in hot weather are evidence of how cats release excess heat.

Grooming themselves is another way cats cool down when the heat cranks up. As their saliva evaporates on their fur, it cools their bodies.

# 3 – The ‘zoomies’ release excess energy not spent in the great outdoors

Have you ever seen your cat dart from one room to another out of nowhere, back and forth? It’s hilariously entertaining to watch. Unless of course, it happens across your face at 3AM. 🙀

In the wild, cats have all sorts of activities to release excess energy. Stuck at home alone, they can get bored.

Too much energy + not enough routine = the ‘zoomies.’ Some cats, like our Dizzy, get the zoomies before or after a rewarding bathroom trip too!

# 2 – Your cat has more bones than you do

On average, our feline companions have 245 bones. 18-23 of those bones can be found in the tail alone! Our cats have an amazingly complex skeletal design allowing them to contort and accomplish great acrobatic feats.

In comparison, the human body, on average, has only 206 bones!

# 1 – Move over monkeys!

When it comes to cool cat facts, there’s no way I could leave this one out!

Did you know a cat has been launched into space? Félicette, the brave French kitty, did just that on Oct. 18, 1963!

I wonder how excited this cat was at the thought of dominating a planet other than Earth? Surely, there must be worthy servants in Space too!

I’ll admit, I’m genuinely amazed by this precious tuxedo kitty!

Take a look for yourself…

Did you enjoy these cool cat facts?

Cats really are amazing creatures. Just when you think you’ve learned all there is to know about them – they’ll surprise you again!

What was your favorite from this list? Do you have any favorite cool cat facts you’d like to share with me?

I’d really love to hear from you in the comments section below. If you found these facts fascinating, please be sure and share this on social media, will you?

Thank you!!

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  1. That was such an interesting facts post about cats, Holly !!I think every fact you mentioned was pretty much new to me .The purring of cats is really soothing to me as well. The right and left paw for each gender is really interesting .I was also really surprised at the number of bones they had .The story about Felicette is really cool , what a nerve of steel to travel to space and be back and still be so calm.So glad she came back safe.Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post , thoroughly enjoyed it .I will re-tweet for others to enjoy!

    1. Hi, Nisha! Aww — you are so sweet! Thank you for such kind words. You really made my day. Thank you for sharing as well. Your support and encouragement keep me going!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed these facts. 🙂 I agree with you about all of your points. It is surprising how magnificent these small creatures are! Féliecette was nervy, wasn’t she? I laughed during that part of the video talking about how she was the only cat who didn’t gain too much weight to fly into space. I wonder how deliberate that was on those other smarty cats part? 😂 Like you, my main concern was hearing that she came back safely. Whew, what a relief!

      Sending boundless love and well wishes to you and your family, my friend. It’s always delightful to hear from you! ♥

  2. Sweet. That gray kitty looks like our Silver kitty. Cats are cool. It’s amazing how many people don’t believe me when I tell them cats purrs are healing vibes.

    1. Hi, Tim! Silver/gray kitties are really neat, I think. Their coats have a unique quality not found in other fur patterns. I adore seeing the photos you’ve taken of your kiddos. They always make me smile! It must be 24/7 entertainment around there with all of those cuties doing what they do best. Never a dull moment.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly – cats are very cool. I think the public, in general, is just clueless about how smart they are, etc. Every day our cats do something to amaze us! I also agree with you about the purring. To me, it’s just another example of how people don’t understand cats and the joys of sharing life with them. It does my heart good to know that you get it though! Lots of amazing cats have found loving homes with you and your family.

      How are the two newest kids doing? Still running the show? 😁

      1. I posted a new video of the kittens last week. They are growing, getting sassier and bolder by the day.

      2. Can’t wait to see it! I’ve been terribly behind on reading and replying to blog posts. Sorry about that. I’ll be popping over soon. Hope you and your loved ones are well.

    1. Hi, Kammie! Love the question. 🙂

      In this case, I would look at body language to determine whether it’s a happy purr. If your cat is relaxed in posture, eyes closed, or lovingly looking at you, (etc), you should be safe to assume that the purr is a very content, loving one. 🙂 The only exception would be if you are petting him/her and the body posture changes to tense, tail starts flipping a bit, etc. Chances are, in a situation like this, kitty is probably over-stimulated and needs a petting break.

      Sounds to me in what you describe that your cat is giving you some purr therapy and it’s the perfect bonding moment. I do love how you’ve taken these kiddos in, Kammie. God bless for you sharing your love! ♥

      1. Thank you! Yes our most recent one that has wobbler’s lays on me consistently. I’ve learned that when I they go from purring and petting to purring and biting love time is over lol!

  3. This is such a fun post! I had no idea about a lot of these. It’s so neat that they have “nose prints” and they’re brains are so similar to ours. And with the dominant paws – no I’m going to have to go adopt a male kitty so I can see this in action! 😁 Wonderful post full of fun facts! Love ya! ❤️

    1. Hi, Michelle! Aren’t these some fascinating facts? I agree with you about everything you mentioned. Must admit – I cracked up reading what you said about adopting a male kitty. 😂 I’ve always been amazed at the differences in personality. In my experiences, neutered toms are often more affectionate than spayed females. Of course, that varies, I’m sure.

      You would have enjoyed watching “Jinkx” (neutered tom) teach a baby Dizzy how to use her left hook. It was truly comical. Looking back, I wish I’d gotten it on video!

      Thank you so much for your sweet words, my friend. I’m glad you enjoyed! Love you right back! ❤

    1. Hi, Sandee! I’m so glad you enjoyed these. Learning something new is always a lot of fun.

      It’s wonderful to hear from you, my friend. Praying your day is blessed and beautiful. ♥

  4. This was such a fun post to read! I am a cat mom so I really enjoyed. My Toby definitely gets the zoomies too, and of course mainly in the middle of the night too lol and I also didn’t know that cats sweated through their paws and that their nose prints are all different! How cool! Thanks for sharing all this fun information!

    1. Your comment made my night! I’m so glad you enjoyed and found this to be a fun post. 🙂 Your Toby sounds absolutely precious! Aren’t they amazing companions? They are always up to something!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I sincerely appreciate you! ♥

  5. These are so, so cool! No.13 gets me every time I give Virgil a treat stick. I break it into teeny tiny pieces now because of his teeth (or lack thereof!) and I try to put the piece by his eye first so he sees it then follow it down to his mouth. Sometimes I do that and he still doesn’t realise it’s right in front of his nose. He’ll be there looking behind him and all around the kitchen while I’m right in front of him holding it up 😂

    I better not tell Virgil he’s got 95.6% tiger in him. He’ll get even more cocky!

    I had no idea about the right/left pawed dominance between males and females. I figured they’d be like us and have an individual preference, but not that it’s often gender-related. I love the Zoomies – I think it’s so funny and sweet when Virgil suddenly comes out of nowhere flying through the house.

    I’m so close to going through a bunch of cat photos online to measure up their whiskers now to see if they match their body width!

    I’ve now got this funny image in my head of naughty kittykats lined up for mug shots after getting their noses printed.

    Brilliant cat facts, Holly, pretty eye-opening too. Turns out our funky felines really are as fascinating as they are cute! xx

    1. 🤣 You are absolutely hilarious, Caz! You and your stories of Virgil always make my day brighter & better! He is such a cutie pie! I can perfectly see him in my mind’s eye looking all around the kitchen like, “Huh? Where? Over there?” 🤣 I love it!

      I was surprised about the paw preferences being gender-specific too, to be honest! It made sense when I went back to think about it though! Thinking on all of my female vs male cats, they’re right!

      Zoomies are hilarious, especially if you have a cat (like Virgil) who is typically pretty chill and laid back. It makes those sudden bursts all the more entertaining. Then they lay back down as if to say, “Whew, glad I got that out of my system!” LOL. You can’t help but laugh!

      You and I agree – our funky felines are definitely as fascinating as they are cute. I loved how you put that! Sending my love to you for yet another amazing comment, Caz. So glad you enjoyed! 😀

  6. Very cool! I had never considered hand dominance in cats. So interesting that it should depend on the cats sex. I also liked the one about the similarity of their DNA with that of tigers. Thanks for the fun facts!

    1. Hi, Clarissa! Isn’t that an awesome fact about paw preference and gender? I found that one fascinating too. When it comes to the DNA similarities with tigers – I think our felines knew this one already with their ego-maniac selves. 😀 Thank you for a thoughtful comment!

  7. Wow, I had no idea about most of this! Right-pawed vs left, number of bones, and more! I did know about the health benefits but didn’t realize the risk reduction of cardiovascular disease is 40%! HUGE. Thanks for bringing me more reasons to love our kitties xo

    1. Aren’t our cats amazing? The more we learn about them, the more fascinating they become! I’m so grateful you enjoyed this, my friend. I couldn’t ask for anything more! 🤗

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