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10 Human Foods Cats Can Eat and Enjoy

It's a crime many of us are guilty of: spoiling our cats (and other pets) rotten! Do you ever get the oh so irresistible, sad feline eyes while you're eating and wonder if you can safely share a ... READ the POST

10 of the Best Videos Cats Watch In 2020

Oh it's so sad - the life of a cat lived without purpose! 😁 Thankfully, you have me here at Cat Care Solutions to bring you the most favorite videos cats watch! In between napping, demanding, ... READ the POST

10 Cat Crafts For Adults That Kids Will Love Too

This round-up list is dedicated to some of the best cat crafts for adults and kids alike. I hope you will find something that makes you smile and brings joy to your lives every time you see it! ... READ the POST

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