4 Tips For New Cat Owners That Are Often Overlooked

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Becoming a new pet parent is exciting! It’s a whole world full of joy, adventure, and lots of unconditional love. Most of us know the basic needs your new cat will have: food, water, love, toys, and shelter, just to name a few. However, in this post, we are going to take a brief look at some tips for new cat owners that are often overlooked. Over time here at Cat Care Solutions, we will expand on each of them. Stay tuned!

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# 1 – They Take Lots of Commitment

Something people often overlook with cats is that they are actually quite a lot of commitment. Cats are often chosen instead of dogs because they feel it is going to be less work involved.

Overall, it might actually be the case, but that doesn’t mean a cat is not going to be a lot of work as well.

Cats, in general, have a fairly independent streak. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you or don’t want you around. Although, they are usually the ones to decide when your attention is requested demanded.

Every cat personality is different, just like ours. I’ve had kitties who demanded my full attention nearly 24/7. Others were content to do their own thing most of the day.

Cats are just like kids that never really grow up. 😊 Every day will require something from you in their care; whether that’s Vet visits, litter box maintenance, or safety when they’re outdoors.

It’s vitally important to not underestimate the level of commitment and care it will take to keep your cat healthy and happy. You’ll be their loving parent for many years to come. For all of their needs, they will look to you.

# 2 – Declawing Is Dangerous

I know, I know, this is a very controversial topic. Many of you reading this do believe in declawing your cats. Some folks are worried about their safety or comfort, or they might think somehow that it is better for the cat themselves.

I’ll admit, some cat behaviors, like clawing furniture, can be destructive. What we must understand is the cat never sees our belongings the way we do. To them, it’s just a convenient place to stretch or claim something as their own.

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Unless declawing your cat is medically necessary for their health, it’s best to leave them in their natural state. Cats use their claws for many purposes, from balancing themselves or stretching, to climbing.

Declawing is even banned in many countries for being inhumane. I’ve personally known people who had their cats declawed, and there was a complication with the procedure nearly leading to death due to uncontrollable bleeding.

Consider what it would be like to have our own nails medically removed. Ouch!

# 3 – Administering Medication

There will be times in your cat’s life when you will need to try and find a way to administer medication. It could be because they are in need of some pain control, or because they are suffering from a specific medical condition or both.

Some people find that giving medication to their cat is extremely difficult. Most cats don’t really enjoy taking medicine, but there are some tips that make your life and your cat’s life a bit easier.

Note: Ask your Vet if a liquid form of the medication is available. Many Veterinary professionals know that cat parents aren’t always comfortable medicating their cat. This has resulted in some creative solutions available for us pet lovers.

  • Ask your Vet if the medication they’ve prescribed can be crushed (if in tablet form), or opened (when in capsule form). If yes, try adding the medication to some canned cat food, or baby food suitable for cats.
  • If your cat detects the medication flavor and refuses to eat, try a PillPocket treat designed for kitties instead.
  • Cats are creatures of habit, and very very smart. Train your cat to actually enjoy the time of day you’ll be giving the medication. Offer up their favorite treats at the same hour you’ll be required to do the dreaded act. Instead of associating ‘medication hour’ with something bad, they’ll actually associate the time with something positive!
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In some cases, you might even need to have your cat on sub q fluids. These can be slightly tricky to administer correctly. A good Vet will walk you through the process, and answer any questions you might have.

If you are feeling unsure, don’t hesitate to say so! Veterinary professionals know we are generally unfamiliar with the procedures they do every day. Answering your questions isn’t a problem!

Whether it’s pills, liquids, or sub-q fluids, knowing how to safely medicate your cat is a skill most cat parents will need to learn at some point. Our four-legged kiddos get sick, just like we do!

Being comfortable with the process ensures you and your cat can remain as stress-free as possible under difficult circumstances.

# 4 – Pet Insurance Is A Worthy Consideration

Cats do tend to get in more scrapes than dogs, especially those that are allowed to roam outside. If you are concerned about the potential financial implications of that, then you might want to consider pet insurance. That’s why when it comes to tips for new cat owners, this one is worth giving some thought!

Quality pet insurance is absolutely worth getting, as it only costs you a minimal amount each month, but you will find that it generally pays off if your cat gets into any trouble. Vet bills add up quickly. Having some peace of mind means you won’t be thinking of money when you’d rather not be.

If you do feel pet insurance is a good fit for you, don’t put off getting it. We never know what will or can happen from moment to moment. If you delay and something happens today, you’ll wish you hadn’t!

Moving house? As stressful as it is for us, our cats experience overwhelming fears, anxiety, and upset. Take a look at these helpful, actionable tips from GoCompare to minimize the impact stress has on your favorite feline.

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Did You Find These Overlooked Tips for New Cat Owners Helpful?

Sharing your life with cats is a whole lot of fun. They will keep you laughing, guessing, and smiling. It’s an adventure every single day!

If you are a new cat parent – congratulations! I’m excited for you to learn all about your new kitty and the unique personality they have.

For my readers who are long-time cat people, are there any tips for new cat owners you would like to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

As always, I am sending my love to you and your family. Thank you for sharing this post with those you love too! ♥

Healing Purrs Headed Your Way,

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  1. Some really excellent points to keep in mind before getting a cat or in the early days of being a pet parent. I adore that black & white photo towards the end of the cat upside down, rolling on the carpet – such a cute photo!

    Declawing is something that admittedly gives me the creeps. I would love Virgil to not have claws, but that’s purely selfish of me because I get covered in scratches and we can’t play together as a result. He doesn’t retract his claws, silly badger! But I think they’re important, as you say for balance and all sorts, and Virgil is also an outdoor kittykat that’s been in more than his fair share of fights. I’d hate to think he’d be out there without a way to defend himself.

    Meds can be tricky but you’ve given some really useful suggestions. We used to have some trouble with our old dog, Robbie, because in his last years he needed a lot of meds and injections, too. But at least he stayed somewhat still most of the time. Virgil squirms like crazy when trying to do his flea dropper sometimes, then immediately sits looking up at the cupboard where his treats are as though knowing he’s been good for all of two seconds so a treat should be on its way 😂

    As long as the owner(s) have the time, suitable living arrangements & dedication, then all of this is more than worth it when you look at their cute face each day 🤗

    Another fantastic post, Holly! xxxx

    1. Isn’t that black and white kitty irresistibly adorable? 😻 What a cute face.

      I do wish Virgil would behave himself and pull those claws in. Ouch. It’s no fun. Dizzy used to be really bad about biting or being aggressive. So much so that we had to start giving her meds for anxiety. Is Virgil ordinarily a great hunter? Maybe one of those feather wand toys would help him?

      It still breaks my heart to hear of Robbie. I’m so sorry for what the both of you went through.

      I got a good laugh out of your description of Virgil looking for a treat because he behaved 2 seconds. That’s funny. He sounds like such a character!

      Thank you my sweet friend for your amazing comments. I don’t take you for granted. 🤗

  2. These are great tips!! I figured having a cat would be a lot easier than a dog, but that’s not at all the case. At least dogs do their business outside and you don’t have to clean out a litter box for them. I often wish I could train my cats to use the toilet! 😂

    Reading about the meds reminded me of when I had to give Sam an IV every day. It was harder for me than it was for him! I hated sticking a needle into his fragile skin, but he never seemed to mind. He just laid in my lap and purred.

    Shared this so new pet owners will know what to expect! ❤️

    1. Litter box duty is the pits isn’t it? 😐 I laughed when you talked about toilet training the kitty! It’s unbelievably easy for many cats. Maybe a future blog post? 🤔 It must be alarming though the first few times you go in and there sits Kitty…. 🤣 I’ve even read stories of cats who were never trained, but watched their owners and figured, “what the hey? I can do that too!!” Cats are hilarious creatures.

      Aww, your story of Sam really touched my heart. Their love and trust is so unreal isn’t it? I’m so sorry you and Sam had to go through that. It’s so hard.

      My dear friend, thank you for all of your support and love. I am so grateful for you! ♥️

  3. Some brilliant tips here, especially the one about insurance – it’s scary how much those vets bills can mount up from time to time. And I am VEHEMENTLY against declawing, which to me is just barbaric. If you’re worried about your furniture, then don’t get a cat. Simple. Great post, I really enjoyed this 🙂 Lisa x

    1. Hi, Lisa! Oh I agree with you – vet bills can be worse than our own medical bills, can’t they? Especially if you have a multi-pet home. Ouch!

      We are in full agreement about declawing as well. I agree, it is barbaric in many ways. Cats use their claws in many of the same ways we use our fingers and nails, plus many more functions we can’t even begin to imagine. It’s a part of their body that isn’t ‘optional.’ Plus, oh my goodness, the pain they must feel! It nearly makes me want to cry.

      Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing your thoughts, Lisa! I am grateful you enjoyed and took the time to respond. 🙂 All my best to you and your kiddos.

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