Versatile Blogger Award

Sharing Is Caring ♥ Thank You!

Versatile Blogger Award Thanks!

I must say, I was very surprised and very honored to be nominated for this extremely thoughtful award. Normally I don’t participate in things like this, but felt this time was different!

My goal here with Cat Care Solutions is always to bring joy – through laughs, smiles and fun chats. Hopefully you, my readers and friends, feel I accomplish that while also bringing information and value to your lives each day! Life is hard enough. We need some light-hearted enjoyment, right?

Honestly, I appreciate each of you for coming here and supporting this site! When I began this blog in February 2019, I could only hope people would come & enjoy. Thank you!

That brings me to my next, most important, point. I was nominated for this award by a dear blogging friend, Steve.

Steve, lots of wondrous wildlife and his cat Muffin will bring joy to your life on even the toughest of days. I sincerely believe his blog is blessed by God to lighten the burden on our hearts. You can’t help but smile and enjoy your time there!

Matter of fact, the subtitle for Steve’s Country is, “For A Smile As Wide As A Country Sunrise.” I guarantee he has accomplished this goal & much more! You will leave his site feeling much lighter than when you came, I believe.

Steve’s tales of country living, the beauty of God’s creation, and his absolutely adorable cat Muffin will entertain and enlighten you. Escape the rat race of life for awhile and read on at Steve’s Country. I know you will be glad you did!

From the bottom of my heart Steve – thank you! Thank you for thinking of me with this award and for being such a wonderful man of God with a heart for people and all the creatures of the Earth. This world is a better place because you’re in it! 🙂 Your heart is nothing but warmth & kindness with a very sweet spirit.

In case you missed the links in the above text, you can find Steve & Muffin here: Steve’s Country ♥♥

7 Facts About Myself

One of the rules in accepting this award is the recipient share 7 facts about themselves so everyone can get to know us better.

Hmm…lets see, as I sit here doing some thinking….

1: I am of the personality type INFJ. As an INFJ, my heart is for broken people. I am energized by helping others, especially those that others have pushed aside as insignificant. I intuitively understand things that most people don’t see. I read others very quickly & easily and pick up on emotions, feelings and undercurrents of people around me without them saying a word. This can be extremely exhausting as an introvert so I do love time alone at home, quietly hanging out with my husband and Dizzy (our charming kitty). Compassion is a critical virtue to me. I am outraged by the maltreatment of people (animals too!!) and saddened by the state of our hearts and our nations in this world today. What happened to empathy, honesty, integrity, wisdom, class (not haughtiness) and maturity?!? (sigh) Since when did the color of someone’s hair or skin mean anything? Or the shape of their body? Or how much money they have, or where they come from? It’s nothing! I love this Scripture:

1 Samuel 16:7 The Message (MSG)

But God told Samuel, “Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be impressed with his looks and stature. I’ve already eliminated him. God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart.”

Bible Gateway

2: I am a believer in Jesus. I believe the love of God changes hearts & lives. I do believe in accountability for our lives and our actions, but I believe it is the love of God that brings people to a right relationship with God, not wrath. I’ve personally witnessed many many miracles in my life first-hand and know that His power is real. Faith is not always easy to hold on to through the really crappy parts of life – but it is worth it in the end. Which leads me to my next fact…

3: I’ve lived through a lot. A whole lot actually. I’ve lived through severely abusive relationships, constant rejection as a kid in a family who had to move a lot (PK), brainwashing, being diagnosed with endless medical problems that led to me being bed-ridden for years with no medical help in sight. They had all given up and so had I. I should be dead. My body had wasted away until only bones were showing … but God literally healed me when no one else could. I’ve lived through addictions to the drugs they gave me for all this medical mess. Severe depression, anxiety, fear, etc. I was in a car accident so severe that the only reason I’m here is the grace of God, the impact against my airbag deploying restarted my heart like a defibrillator. This list could go on for a very long time. I’ve pretty much seen it all. When people come to me for advice, I can usually say, “I understand” and mean it wholeheartedly. It’s one of the many reasons my heart is for seeing people made whole & free ♥

4: I love nature but most especially the mountains! I absolutely adore the mountains. My whole soul comes alive when I’m in the Blue Ridge Mountains in particular. For me, being secluded in the mountains in a cabin is like Heaven. I adore the sounds of nature, the feel of that crisp air brushing gently across my face, the awe and majesty of such creation! Nothing beats (for me) looking around you and seeing no buildings, no cars, no hustle and bustle, just serenity and peace. Ahh. I feel the calm rush over me just thinking of it.

5: I’m not a fan of summertime. Most of that is due to where we live, I believe. The humidity here gets outrageous and just saps you of all life! (Plus, the nightmarish mosquitoes and other biting flying creatures) If the temperatures are moderate, I am good with it. But it gets overwhelmingly hot here. Ugh. I enjoy cooler temperatures – think early-mid spring and fall. Those cozy temperatures that you can wear a really light jacket. Or still curl up in a cozy blanket with a slight chill around you. ♥ That’s my kind of climate!

6: I really do adore animals. I grew up being allergic to dogs so I was limited to how much I could be around them. 🙁 Thankfully, as an adult, my reaction is much less severe than it used to be. As for cats, I’ve had them with me since I could barely walk as a child. They’ve been my constant companions. I’ve had fish and love the peaceful nature of aquariums. I love donkeys, though we don’t have any. And I’d love to have alpacas at some point. 😉 Animals to me embody honesty and I love that. You know how they feel and it’s refreshing!

7: I’m a published author and love writing. Some poems I wrote were published in a commemorative book of American Literature. For me, the ability to be creative is essential – whether that’s projects in the home, writing, music, or something else. Creativity is life giving for me. (I love watching my husband Bill paint too!)

Well friends, there are 7 facts about myself! I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading these and learning a little more about this Holly behind the keys 🙂

My Nominees & “The Rules”…

Now for the fun stuff! I’m nominating these individuals because I love the value they bring into our lives – whether it’s just plain fun, helpful information or a heart for people.

As a nominee: You are not required to “accept” your nomination and participate. The choice is up to you entirely! If you feel you’d like to accept, please let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

A very important note: If I didn’t place your name/website on this list, I love and appreciate you and don’t want you to feel hurt in any way. Each one of you matter to me a great deal & I always look forward to reading your posts and your comments. All my love to each of you! ♥

Award Rules

In order to receive the award, each nominee will have to:

  • Thank the person who nominated him/her.
  • Link to the blog of the person who nominated him/her.
  • State 7 facts about himself/herself.
  • Nominate other bloggers who bring joy into their daily life

Save this badge to your award post / site:

versatile blogger award

…And The Nominees Are…

When Women Inspire – It is no secret that today’s world is often very hostile to the well-being of women. My dear friend Christy at When Women Inspire empowers women to be the very best versions of themselves they can possibly be. She offers practical help, encouragement and wise advice from someone who has been there & done that! There are so many articles of many different types you will certainly glean valuable information from. Her about us states: “Are you looking for inspiration? Hope? Do you want to learn about how women are changing the world every single day? Then you’ve come to the right place. ” She means it! Christy – I nominate you because you’re awesome and I enjoy the love you have for others! ♥

Invisibly Me – Invisibly Me is all about living life with a chronic, yet invisible illness. Caz is a brave, kind, wonderful human being who is courageously sharing her story with as many people that will listen. Having lived life myself with illnesses that no one could outwardly see but inwardly dying, I admire what she’s doing. Invisibly Me promotes empathy, compassion and pushes for social change in awareness of what others go through. You never know what battle someone is facing! You’re awesome Caz and I applaud you for what you do! ♥

Cactus Catz – A cat lover after my own cat loving heart! My friend over at Cactus Catz posts about everything from her adorable cats Pinkie & Midnight, to food, art, travel & more! There is always something to read & something to do here. ♥

In Diane’s Kitchen – Diane, Diane, Diane! This lady right here is constantly making me drool with her down home style cooking, yummy enough to make you melt like butter! She shares so many different types of recipes, you are guaranteed to find a bunch to suit you & your family’s taste-buds. Plus, Diane is just a sweetheart! You’ll definitely enjoy yourself In Diane’s Kitchen!

Blessings By Me – Michelle over at Blessings By Me has the neatest ideas! On her blog, she shares all sorts of creative ways to organize your life, make something new, recipes, and so much more! Michelle is a woman of faith and is an encouragement to people. Her site is a lot of fun & I think you’d enjoy yourself immensely, coming away with all sorts of new ideas! Michelle, thanks for being you! ♥

CitySonnet – I adore this site! Maria over at CitySonnet shares the most incredible and stunning nature photography each day. Along with poetry and other artwork, her site is chock full of goodies to enjoy! I guarantee you will love visiting here as much as I do. Thanks for brightening my day, Maria ♥ You’re amazingly talented!

Cats And Trails And Garden Tales – Each & every time I visit Susanne’s site, I am blown away by the beauty of her photography and the entertainment from the posts she writes. She lives in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with her 2 cats Tiger & Benji. There’s no doubt in my mind you will enjoy Cats And Trails And Garden Tales as much as me. ♥ Thanks Susanne for such an incredible site!

Wanda Luthman’s Children Books – I love Wanda & the purpose with which she writes for children. In today’s world, our kids need all of the encouragement to be kind that we can possibly give them! Wanda has brilliantly written the most adorable and entertaining children’s books that will also instill good values in your kids. She’s a wonderful person with a kind heart! If you have kids or know someone who does – I hope you will consider purchasing some of her books for them. You won’t be sorry. You can find her available books here. Thanks Wanda for encouraging kindness and love. ♥

Comedy Plus – Last on my nominee list but certainly NOT least, is dearest Sandee over at Comedy Plus. Sandee is such an encouragement to us bloggers and has all sorts of blog hops and fun events to join in on! I appreciate all you do Sandee, for being such a cat lover and for bringing sunshine into each life you’re a part of. Thank you! ♥

Well… there you have it. 🙂

Thank you again to Steve for this and thank you to each of the nominees who make this world a better, kinder, place. ♥

Sending all of my love to each of you and Dizzy sends her affectionate love bites too! Have an incredible day. Thank you for reading.

Sharing Is Caring ♥ Thank You!


  1. Congratulations on your newest award. I don’t do these anymore, but I so enjoy being one of the nominees. You’re a sweetheart, Holly.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, my friend. ♥

    1. Thank you Sandee 🙂 And you are most certainly welcome.

      I don’t normally do these either, partially because I don’t want anyone to feel left out and hurt. That would break my heart. I enjoy everyone so much!

      Hoping you have a fabulous day and rest of the week too ♥

  2. Wow! I’m extremely honored to be chosen for this award!! Thank you so much, Hollie! It will take me a little bit to participate because my husband is currently in the hospital and I need to be with him but I will work on this for sure!
    And Hollie you do sound like you have been through a lot. I am also a believer in Jesus. He is walking with my husband and I through this very difficult journey as my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer on October 17, 2018. We are praying and believing God for a miracle of healing. If anyone would like to pray with us, my husband’s name is Joe. We appreciate everyone’s support. We have many blessings too and are very grateful for how God has shown up! Thanks again, Hollie, for this award!!

    1. You are most welcome Wanda. ❤️ You deserve it! I hope people will read and purchase your books for the little ones.

      It warms my heart to hear you are a fellow believer. But oh my Wanda, I am SO SORRY to hear of what you and your husband are going through. What a heartbreaking situation. Please know that I AM praying for you and stand in agreement for a miracle for you & Joe. Many hugs being sent to you 🤗

  3. A warm congratulations on the very well-deserved award! Your aim of brining smiles & brightness to the lives of your readers has been successful; it’s a blessing to have you in the blogosphere so I’m glad to have recently ‘met’ you! I’ll check out Steve’s blog now, your shout-out for him & Muffin was lovely.

    I loved reading your responses, definitely gives a deeper insight into you. I’m not surprised your INFJ, you’re incredibly kind & compassionate. But I didn’t know how much you’d been through, and my heart aches reading what you’ve experienced. I’m so sorry. Any of those experiences could have made your bitter against the world, and yet you make it a brighter place, you’re stronger for it all and incredibly empathic and loving towards others. I am so glad you are here with us. You rock!

    Thank you also for the very kind nomination. Even what you’ve said about me proves my point – you are a beautiful soul, and it’s you who deserves the applause, hugs & recognition! ♥♥♥
    Caz xx

    1. Caz! You have truly touched my heart with your overwhelmingly kind words!! I am speechless. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you my friend. ♥ I was blown away when I read your words. Still am. So very grateful to have ‘met’ you too!

  4. Oh Holly, what to say, your words about the women’s blog have me overwhelmed with emotions, including gratitude. Thank you not only for the nomination but also for sharing more of your story so bravely in this post. So many of us love you! I’m blessed by having met you. And I am in such good company with the nominees here. Caz is awesome; Invisibly Me is one of my fave blogs. I also adore In Diane’s Kitchen for the terrific recipes and Diane’s kindness 🙂 I’ll have to check out the other nominees as I don’t know them! You really do deserve this award, my friend. xo

    1. Christy, my friend, how special you are! ♥ I truly believe you deserve everything great that comes your way. Your choice to bring hope, encouragement and love to every life you encounter is one to be admired and you do it so well! I’m blessed to have met you as well.

      Love you Christy! Keep being the awesome woman you are. You inspire and uplift us daily and are making more of an impact than you could ever imagine.

      Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Once again, you’ve nearly left me speechless…. All my love to you….

      1. Now I’m crying, good tears dear friend, good tears xx Your words touch me deeply. Your spirit, your blog, YOU are amazing.

  5. congrats on your award! You totally deserve all kinds of awards. I love your blog. And thank you for the nomination. I’ll try to do that as soon as I finish the A-toZ challenge. I’m on X so I’m almost done.

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