Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Review: 54.5″ of Cat-tastic Luxury

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Our feline family are big fans of Yaheetech cat trees. We’ve had this one for several years now and it’s still a favorite in our home. Best of all, it has proven to be durable and easy to clean.

Today, we’re back with another Yaheetech cat tree tower review. This time we are reviewing their 54 1/2 inch cat tower. It’s smaller and shorter than our others which makes it a great choice for apartments, smaller cats, and especially…kitten rooms in cat foster homes!

So what’s to love about it and what’s not the best? Stick around because that’s exactly what we’re discussing.

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54.5" Yaheetech cat tree tower review: Affordable luxury for your favorite feline

Finding high-quality and affordable cat furniture isn't always easy. Here are our honest thoughts on this plush 54.5" Yaheetech cat tree. It's affordable, durable, and a lot of fun! #cats Share Meow

* I was graciously gifted this 54.5″ Yaheetech cat tree tower in exchange for sharing my thoughts with all of you. Even though this was a gift, all opinions shared are fully honest and fully mine. If I am not willing to spend my money on it, I wouldn’t advise you to, either!

Is Yaheetech a good cat tree?

In our experience, the answer is an easy yes. We currently have four rescue kitties in our home. Two of them (Rascal and Muppet) have just recently turned the big ONE! 😊 Our big baby boy Pips is not much older than two. Dizzy is our grumpy elder at 9 years old.

You can imagine the rowdiness and mayhem that takes place in our home on a daily basis, ha ha! Any furniture has to be built to last. Plus, as a cat mama who loves to spoil her babies, it has to be pretty comfy too.

Come say hi! 👇🏽

A Yaheetech cat tree tower “ticks all the boxes.” We now have three and two of them we’ve had for over two years. Even though these trees have had constant use, they still look great (with regular cleaning) and have held up much better than cat towers our friends and family have purchased.

In our experience, these trees have been:

  • More affordable than many other cheaply made cat towers
  • Made with high quality, luxurious fabrics fit for a kitty King & Queen
  • Built-to-last: In our home at least, we have been impressed with their durability
  • Plenty of spaces for a multi-cat home to enjoy without fighting
  • A good balance of places to play, sleep, stretch, and scratch
  • Solid. Even on our old unleveled floors, they feel sturdy and stable. They do also come with a wall strap to anchor the tree to the wall just in case your kiddo is extra mischievous.

Those are my honest thoughts about Yaheetech cat trees in general, but what have our kiddos thought about this one?

Our 54.5″ Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Review

When it comes to finding a cat tree you and your feline family will love, there are a few things worth considering. These are our honest thoughts on what this beautiful cat tree does and does not offer.

Any questions? I’m here to help!

yaheetech cat tree tower review
Value for the money
Fabric softness/plushness
Plenty of places to play, scratch, and sleep
Good for large cats
Good for multi-cat homes
Color options available
Ease of assembly & quality of instructions
Overall design and construction
Good for apartments or places with limited space
Easy to keep clean

Quick Summary

We own three Yaheetech cat trees and have been pleased with all of them. This one has a few pros and cons, but that’s true of anything. For the money, this is an all-around excellent buy if you don’t have really large cats or have limited space for cat furniture.

It has beautiful plush bedding and carpet, feels solid to the touch, and should be durable for the average home. This 54.5 inch Yaheetech cat tree tower is a breeze to put together and comes with clear enough instructions that make it even easier.

Most of the parts are numbered so you can easily follow along in the instruction booklet. You also won’t need extra tools to put this cat tree tower together. Yaheetech kindly provides everything you will need.

If you have really large cats, this may not be the best choice for you. (See our recommendations under the heading, “Good for large cats” below). Also, while most will love the plushness of the carpet and bedding, it does require a little extra care to keep clean, especially if you have a cat who sheds a lot.

In our humble opinion, it’s an investment your cat will love and you will enjoy too.

***For a more thorough breakdown of this Yaheetech cat tree tower review, please keep reading for the individual categories below!


Short on time?

Click here to see the price, reviews, and availability on Walmart.com. (recommended)

You can find it here on Amazon as well.

If you’re not a fan of online shopping, the dark gray version is available offline in many Walmart stores nationwide!

yaheetech cat tree tower review -- also available in dark gray in stores nationwide

Ease of assembly

This is an easy 5/5 stars for us. Even if putting stuff together isn’t really your area of expertise, you should be able to handle this. 😊

The previous two Yaheetech cat trees were assembled by yours truly, and it wasn’t hard to do by myself.

This time, however, I enlisted the help of my talented husband so he could show us how it’s done!

As you can see below, what I do is lay all the parts out to make sure everything that’s needed is accounted for. This way, you’re not halfway through assembly only to find out you’re missing a piece. Thankfully, I’ve not had that happen with Yaheetech.

Adding”poles” inside the house

yaheetech cat tree tower assembly going well -- adding the middle platform with hammock hanging below

Middle platform being installed with attached hanging hammock

The “bowl” is then installed, secured between two poles. As you can see, Dizzy claimed that while we were still in assembly 😊
After all your hard work, this is the finished product. It really is so simple to assemble and it’s a well-built, beautiful, cat tree!
Tightening the screws with provided allen wrench. Couldn’t be easier!
Bottom hammock attaches easily with clips
Baby boy Pips took ownership of the house as soon as we screwed it in to the platform!
yaheetech cat tree tower review -- a beautiful cat tree with cat ears!
A cat bed with cat ears, adorable! After the bowl is installed, you have a couple more poles, a small platform and then this topper!

May not be the best for really large cats

In their assembly instruction booklet for this tree, Yaheetech recommends a weight limit of 11 pounds for the side bowl and the lower hammock.

Every single one of our babies have gotten in that bowl so far for a snooze. Rascal and Muppet are small kitties so they fit perfectly. Dizzy is about 11.5 pounds and makes the bowl pretty full. Pips on the other hand is a chonky 13.5 pounds and makes the bowl overflow 😂

I gave this category 3.5/5 because if you have only large cats, this tower may not be the best one for you. However, if you have a mix of big and small like we do, this tree might still be fine because some areas are plenty big for the big-boned among us. 😉

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Cleaning and Overall Design

If you are wondering why I gave “ease of cleaning” only 3.5 stars out of 5, let me explain. As I mentioned in the quick summary above, “plush” cat trees that have extra padding and softer carpet do require a little more maintenance to keep looking new. This does not just apply to Yaheetech’s cat towers — it’s true of any tree with these features.

Thankfully, “more maintenance” doesn’t mean difficult. Soon I’ll be doing a post on how I clean cat trees, but for now, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Use a cat slicker brush to comb up any loose fur by ‘raking’ any areas with carpet. It’s nothing short of magical what comes out!
  • After you scrape up all the loose fur with the brush, now’s a good time to use the vacuum cleaner. This should grab most of what was left behind.
  • To disinfect, use REScue spray. It kills a wide range of bacteria and viruses and is one of the most trusted products by Veterinarians and cat fosters everywhere.

*Keep in mind that you don’t really want your cat tree getting super wet. The particle board/wood will fall apart or grow more harmful bacteria. Be sure to lightly spray with cleaner and thoroughly dry.

Speaking of cat hair removal, here’s a friendly competition between several methods. Which do you think will win?

We really like the overall design of this cat tree tower, though. If your cats love to explore and spread out, this offers plenty of space.

  • It has 5 scratching and stretching sisal rope poles.
  • Plenty of places to take a cat nap for multi-cat homes, including the bowl, lower hammock, cozy cat house, and an extra plush cat bed on top.
  • It’s a great mid-sized cat tree which is a nice choice if you don’t want a super small cat tree but don’t have room for the full sized options
  • At the time of this review, there are two color options available: dark gray and light gray. In our experience, the dark gray has a bluish tint and the light gray is more silver.

This is a traditional cat tower so the design isn’t overly unique, but it is definitely one of the best cat tree brands in the classic design. Their quality for the cost is hard to beat, in our opinion.


Getting your cat some furniture of their own can really enhance their comfort and enjoyment in life. Who doesn’t love a well pampered cat?

I get it, though. Many of us also have budgets to stick to. It’s not always easy to find something luxurious our cats love that we can afford too. In our opinion, this 54.5″ Yaheetech cat tree tower makes both possible.

Still have questions? Feel free to ask me in the comments section below or visit here to learn more.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you and your cats have a favorite piece of furniture? Tell me about it 😊

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  1. We have three of this type of cat trees. Our kitties love, love, love them. However, the unsupported posts do not hold up to the enthusiastic play and scratching by large cats. I have had to reinforce all the unsupported posts. I’ve also had to wrap new rope on several posts, as well. They are a great deal, and did I mention that our cats love, love, love them.

    1. Hey Tim! I’m so glad you stopped by and commented. You make a really great point about needing to reinforce certain areas of the posts for rowdy or large cats. Good tip! We haven’t had that issue but I can see why it would be needed for some!

      When you wrapped your new rope, did you secure it with glue or staples? We need to redo the rope and some carpet on a few places as well. Just curious which way you think is best.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts 🙂 I’m glad your gang loves these too. Like you say, they really are a great deal for so much enjoyment! Love to you & your family. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

      1. Since I had a roll of 1/4 nylon rope, I used it. After I cut the rope, I burn the ends to melt them so they don’t fray. Then I used a 1″ sheetrock screw threaded between the briads about 1/2 inch from the end of the rope, and screwed it into the top of the post. I wound the rope around the post and then secured the end at the bottom of the post like I did at the top. There is cardboard and plastic to screw into at the top and bottom of the post, so the rope gets screwed down tight, and there is no way the cats will pull out those screws.

  2. Spoiling our kitties is a good thing. What a fabulous cat tree and a great review.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, Holly. ♥

    1. How could we not spoil them every way we can, right? They’re just too lovable!

      Thank you for your comment, Sandee. As always, I send my love. ❤️

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